An insight into the Skin Disease – Chromoblastomycosis

Chromoblastomycosis is a skin disease caused because of a fungal infection. It affects your subcutaneous tissue. You will find that there are specific fungi that is found in decaying plants, wood and soil. They have the ability to enter your body via thorn or wood picks. You will gradually find the appearance of small lesions on the skin and they cause eruptions on the skin.

When it comes to chromoblastomycosis you will find that you might not even notice its symptoms in the first few months. Now, the infection in the body starts to grow and develop. It gradually forms a nodule. This nodule later spreads to the adjoining skin tissues. With the passage of time you will find the other areas of the skin becoming infected.

Diagnosis and identification

It is very important for you to immediately go to a doctor and get treated for this skin disease. This disease is not a fatal one however it is very hard to cure. It will take time. The older the symptoms the more difficult it is to cure. The doctor will also give you specific tips when it comes to hygiene. The levels of hygiene should be high both at home and in the garden. Always remember that when you are working in the garden, ensure that you do not have open wounds. The fungus can also enter your body through scratches.

Make sure that you always wear dry shoes

When it comes to wearing shoes, ensure that they are dry.If your shoes are moist and wet there are high possibilities of the fungus growing inside it. This will make you get the disease.

Treatment and the healing process

There are medicines that contain the complex protein of immuno precipitation that help in the treatment of this skin disorder and other illnesses. You will find that chromoblastomycosis can be treated with medicines and the application of topical creams. These creams need to be applied directly to the skin in order to combat the fungal growth. The application of the cream depends upon the gravity and the severity of the condition.

You also must note that when you have this skin disease you will find that it is very hard for you to perform daily work. You may have to take leave from office and get treatment done from a medical doctor who is an expert in the field.

Heat therapy for Treatments

Many doctors also resort to the use of heat therapy to treat the area. However, this mode of treatment can only be applied if the fungal infection is small. Cryosurgery is resorted to when it comes to the treatment of this skin disease. Here, liquid nitrogen is used and applied on the area. Once the surgery is done, doctors will prescribe the intake of medicines for healing. In fact, cryosurgery has the ability to stop the abnormal growth of the infection.

Therefore, it is mandatory for you to keep the above in mind the above precautions when it comes to the diagnosis, prevention and the treatment of Chromoblastomycosis.

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