7 Cuisines of Kolkata you Should Try – Heaven for Food Lovers

Kolkata is the cultural capital of India, is a heaven for food lovers. Being home to people from all over the world Kolkata is a melting pot of cultures. This is seen in the food scenario too. The amount of diversity in foods you can find in streets of Kolkata are amazing. Whatever cuisine you are searching for, you can find it here in Kolkata. From ‘Dosa and Chatni’ of South India to Chinese noodles. Let’s look at the top cuisines of Kolkata.

There are a lot of restaurants and vendors that provide the best flavors of the famous traditional and local cuisines of Kolkata.

1. Bengali

The local cuisine is the best here. With importance to fish, vegetables and lentils are served along with rice. Bengali cuisine is known for its fiery flavors and plenty sweets. It also has traditionally developed multi-course meal. Primarily influenced by the Mughal rule of Bengal, the food was also influenced by the Chinese.

Food you should try: Kolkata Biriyani, ras Gola, kulfi. Order these cuisines now using Zomato coupons & Save Some Extra bucks.

2. Chinese

Kolkata has the biggest Chinese population in India, this happens to be seen in the food too. From street food to restaurants you can see Chinese interference throughout Kolkata. Even the traditional food has taken some Chinese twists. Chinese breakfast consisting of rice dumplings and soups is one of the most sought after food.

The food you should try: rice dumplings and soup, of course different kind of chicken.

3. South Indian

Kolkata has its own share of South Indian people living here. This makes South Indian a popular cuisine around here. From chubby idlis to paper thin dosas, everything is available here. South Indian restaurants are primarily situated around the places where South Indians are settled.

Food you Should Try: Dosa and Chutney, Vada, Thali Meal

4. Greek

Greeks started migrating to India in the 16th century. Kolkata still has a big Greek community. Greek is like any other Mediterranean cuisine, which uses vegetables, olive oil, fish, meat, and wine. A wide variety of meat dishes rules the Greek cuisine in Kolkata.

The food you Should Try: Chicken grilled with any spices and any kind of pasta.

5. Tibetan

Most Tibetans in Kolkata are annual winter visitors, who come with a huge array of items. Thanks to them Tibetan cuisine has become an integral part of the Kolkata’s food scene. Meat and dairy products are the indispensable items in Tibetan cuisine.

The food you should try: Momos and noodles (the super tender meat in momos will stay in your tongue for a long time.)

6. Italian

The last five years have been wonderful for Kolkata foodies. More and more restaurants with international cuisines have been opening in the city. Italian food has wowed Kolkata. The increasing number of Italian restaurants are a proof. Italian food never fails to impress with their pasta, desserts and of course pizza.

The food you should try: Pizza (Just try an Italian pizza.)

7. Lebanese

Most of the people don’t know about Lebanese cuisine even though it is popular in India. Yummy Shawarma is really a part of Lebanese cuisine. There is nothing else to say about the Lebanese cuisine SHAWARMA.

The food you should try: Shawarma roll, Shawarma salad.

Do not forget to taste delicious mouth water cuisines of Kolkata.