Cooking Tips for popular Chinese Chilli Chicken Recipe

Chilli Chicken is an Indo-Chiness recipe. The Spicy taste of this recipe make it this popular in many Countries. Generally we love to eat this Indo-Chiness recipe with butter naan, chapati, roti and rice. In many Indian & Chinese restaurants you can get the Chilli Chicken recipe. For the true lovers of this Chicken recipe in this article I am sharing the cooking tips. Try this in this week-end. I may not join you at your dinning hall but I know with the Spicy taste of Chinese Chilli Chicken recipe you will recall the below Cooking tips.

Ingredients for Chilli Chicken

500 gm fresh Chicken, Mustard Oil (In Masala use Mustard Oil for better taste), Refined Oil (Only to fry Chicken), Capsicums, Onions, Ginger & Garlics, Chilly, Soya & Tomato Sauce, Vinegar, Corn flour Powder, Coriander leaves, Turmeric Powder, Dhania Powder, Chicken Masala, Green Chillies, Salt as required.

Cooking Tips to prepare Chinese Chilli Chicken

In a pan mix the fresh Chicken with Corn flour powder, Turmeric Powder & Salt as required. Leave it for 10 minutes. Switch on the Gas. Put another pan. Take some 300 gm refined oil. When oil get heat do fry mixed Chicken pieces until it looks light brown. Fry all the Chicken pieces and keep it in a pan.

Cut 5 Onions in large pieces (1/8). Cut 3 medium size Capsicums. Take one garlic and rub it for small pieces. Cut green chilly (50%) like v shape.

Put a pan on Gas. Add some Mustard Oil. Start fry with v shape green Chillies. After 2 minutes add Onion & Garlic chopped. Fry it. Then add 2 spoons Garlic & Ginger paste. Do fry until the raw masala smell gone. Now put Capsicum chopped. Fry it for 5 minutes. Once Capsicums are fried well put fried Chicken pieces. Mix it properly with masala.

Now add 2 spoons tomato sauce. 1 spoon chilly & soya sauce. Mix it well & let it boil for 10 minutes.

Add ½ spoon vinegar, ½ spoon Dhania Powder & Chicken masala powder. Mix all well.

Wait up-to it looks gravy. For better smell add some Coriander leaves, Circular Onion chopped & v shaped Cutted green Chillies.

Your Chilli Chicken Recipe is ready. Try this & Share us your feedback.

Health benefits

Chilli Chicken recipes are good source of protein. Protein rich foods reduces the risk of heart attacks. Chilli Chicken recipe helps in Speed up Metabolism. Amino Acid from this recipe works to boost growth in children. It’s wise to eat this recipe 2 to 3 times a month. This recipe contains garlic and ginger, the cause it boost our immunity system against the deadly desease Cancer.