Cooking Tips to prepare Delicious Chinese Chilli Mushroom

Chilli Mushroom is an Indo-Chiness recipe. Chilli Mushroom can 2 types Dry or Gravy. We like to eat Chilli Mushroom with butter naan, roti or Chapati. In many family parties this is a common recipe. Many one are fan to the Spicy taste of Mushroom. Are you one among them who love to prepare variety of recipes at own Kitchen. If so please find the below steps how to prepare Chilli Mushroom at kitchen.


  • Button Mushroom
  • 2 medium size Capsicum
  • Chopped Onion
  • Ginger & Garlic paste
  • Green Chillies
  • Corn Flour
  • Soya Sauce
  • Vinegar
  • Cooking Oil
  • Sugar
  • Salt as required

Steps to Prepare

Wash the mushroom well. Cut it into Circular pieces. Switch on the Gas. Put a Pan. Add some Cooking Oil. When Oil get heat add some Chopped Onion. Fry it up-to Onions look light brown. Then add Ginger & Garlic paste with 2 to 3 Green Chillies. Fry for 3 to 5 minutes. Now add chopped Capsicum. Keep frying.

Few time later add the mushrooms and stir fry on medium heat till the mushrooms leave water and start to get browned. they will shrink in size too. Add Soya Sauce, pepper powder, Salt as required, Little Sugar & 2 drops Vinegar. Mix all well. If you want to prepare gravy Chilli Mushroom add some water. To make the dish more gravy add some Corn flour powder in it. Let this mixture heat up. When the sauce looks gravy Switch off the Gas.

With the above your Mushroom recipe is ready to serve. Serve it to your family & friends. Share us your feedback.