Tips for Creating your Professional Business Email Address

Does your company have a professional business email address? If not, you are missing out big on potential leads and branding value. When a business uses email addresses based on generic domain names like Yahoo, Gmail, or Aol, it gives an impression that your business is not professional. If you intend to inspire confidence in your potential customers and the general masses, you should create a business email.

Benefits of a Professional Business Email Address

There are many benefits for having a custom business email. The most notable ones are as following:

Professionalism – A professional email address speaks about your company’s practices and builds a positive image.

Trust Building – Surveys show that 75% of people think that professional email address helps in building trust about a business. In this age of internet, where anyone can claim to be business entity, it is hard to build trust.

Create Email Aliases – You can set up email aliases like,, and and manage them from a single inbox. This further creates a professional image.

Effective Marketing Communication – According to a report, 72% of consumers say that email is their preferred medium for marketing communication. Direct mail is a distant second with only 9.6% consumers preferring it. SMS and push messages are even less preferred.

Branding – This is one of the most important benefits of creating a business email address. Your email address has your company name. It means that your audience will repetitively see your company name when they interact with you through email.

Quick recognition of your company name helps in creating more trust in your brand. Today, customers expect to see the domain name in a business email. When they see your domain in the email address, it helps keep your business on their mind.

A custom email address can also have fewer chances of ending up in the spam folder, and improve brand perception.

How to Create a Business Domain Name?

Before you can create a business email, you will have to create a website. To being with, it is important to choose a suitable domain name for your site. Using a Business Name Generator can simplify the task for you. You can describe your business in a few words and get multiple suggestions for your domain name. Your focus should be on your niche, the products or services you offer, and why your business stands out. Keep it short and make it a catchy name. This will make it easier to spell and remember.

How to Create Your Business Email?

Once you have a website, you should use the following tips to create your business email:

1. Use Your Domain Name

Create your email address with your domain name, such as Firstly, the email address will tell your target audience that the email is related to your business. Secondly, they will know what your website URL is. This will make it easier for them to search and visit your website for more information.

Such an email address shows your professionalism. It tells your audience that you have a real business that can be trusted. It is also a clean and easy-to-remember email address. Knowledge of your domain can also translate into more shares on social networks.

2. Use Standard Email Formatting

Even if you have an unusual business name, it is important to keep your email address simple. Create email addresses for different purposes or departments. Don’t try to be unique by creating email addresses like Some of the examples of standard email formats include the following:


You can also create individual addresses for employees. It should be based on a system that suits the size of your company.

Avoid the use of numbers in your business email addresses. They are not only difficult to remember, they speak of unprofessionalism.

3. Secure Email Addresses

When you create a business email, it should be protected with highly secure passwords. It will also need stronger spam filters. You should take all measures to prevent hacking or other malicious attacks. It can put not only your business at risk, but your customers’ data as well at risk.

Your hosting service may also provide you with special spam filters. Such filters help protect your email accounts. They automatically prevent malicious spam emails. Besides, it may also be possible to create additional filters to prevent other activities that may be specific to your niche.

Thus, there are many reasons for creating a professional email for your business. It helps build a professional brand image, adds trust to your brand name, and increases credibility. The benefits are almost endless. Once you have created such an email address, you will be amazed by the difference it can make.