On-page White hat SEO techniques to get Indexed in Google

Every business is set up to be successful. When it comes to online business, the competition is really tough. Every business aims to attract people towards the services or products it offers and here the idea of SEO clicks. The meaning of SEO is that the maximum number of visibility of your website. The website should be up on the search engines and it can be a part of the strategy of the company. Today we are not going to discuss how to optimize a single page, but an entire site. We could see a lot of content on the website, but if they are not combined with the correct keywords, they are a waste. So smart decisions like, what is the website about? What is the purpose of the website? And how committed is the company towards the website? Follow the basic On-page White hat SEO techniques.

Primary Topic

Make sure that the website is about one thing. DO not stuff the website with a lot of information. The primary topic should be clearly understood in the website. Do some research on the primary topic and then start entering in the website.

Keywords when they are needed

Include that one thing on the website. Mention the keywords when they are needed maximum. The keywords can be the titles, description, domain name, page titles, blog categories and content. They should be effective enough to change the face of the business.


When the user clicks on any content on the home page, directly link him to the information on another page. Most of the people do this, but if your system doesn’t allow doing this automatically and then linking all the important pages and cross link them.

Write like a human being

Most of the people write content that sounds like a robot. Follow some simple steps that are given above, mention keywords, and have patience. The results will be seen. Take help from other blogs, articles and you can write more SEO pages. More and more writing will give you an idea on how to write the articles. Use some website tools.

Cautious about the content theft

There are a lot of dangers associated with the content and SEO. Make sure that the writer content that is very unique. The content should be double checked before posting. If possible, rectify the situation. The least possible redundancy is very successful in the SEO. The opening if the website needs a lot of research and without double checking the situation, the customer may enter the website which already has a duplicated content. The more duplicates, the more your website wants to talk.


When the customer clicks on any word or image on the website, link them back to your website. It is the easiest way to boost traffic.

Create Sitemap

Every website should have a sitemap which gives a detail idea about the different tabs to the user. Finding our major topics and pages on the website is easier with Sitemap.

Remove the unwanted things

There are many things that slow the website down. Search them and delete them from the website. Get the non essential things out of the picture. They can be player, music, Flash Graphics and unnecessary plug-ins.


Updates are an important part of any website. Dynamic and interesting content websites are often ranked on the top as compared to the static content. Why blogs and Wikipedia is so famous on the search engines, have you ever thought? The answer is that, they keep on updating regularly. That’s why they are so well in the SEO.

Avoid using Flash

Flash can give a good look to the website, but does nothing to the website. For the best SEO results do not use flash.

Develop relationships with other websites and can the easiest way to so that people can visit the website. Content is the king of Search Engine Optimization and it needs to be fresh. The content needs to be updated regularly and plays a very crucial role in the success of the Search Engine Optimization of the website. The blogs and write-ups can be of great help when writing SEO for the website. The writer’s idea is the best things that come out of his mind and it can be put up on the website or across social networking. The company’s website should have re-tweets and the actual updates that are related to the product or the company. Regular updates, fresh links and fresh content should be updated as per the need. Link the potential customers from the links; Boost the visitors’ numbers on the page and both these will spectacularly increase the Search Engine Optimization of the company.

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