GoDaddy to Hostinger like top 7 leading VPS Hosting Providers

If you want to host your website then you should go for VPS hosting rather than web hosting. Being part of shared hosting, it allows you to share a server with other websites. We all know that standard hosting is inflexible as they don’t provide the power or functionality that is needed by a professional business. If your website needs more than a basic host then VPS hosting can prove to be your smartest choice. You can check out best linux vps provides in this article.

When you buy a virtual private server plan then you will get a virtual server environment for your professional business website. This will gives stability to your business because all the server resources provided to you and you are immune to what other users are doing with their servers. Another benefit of using VPS is that you will get full control of your server. You just install the software available for your server and use it the way you wish to. This will allow you to match your server configuration to other applications.

Top 6 VPS Hosting Providers

With several Virtual private servers available out, it is very difficult for you to choose the best of them. But you don’t need to worry about how to choose the best VPS hosting service providers. We have created a list of VPS hosting providers and added the best of them. They will provide you with the best service apart from the rest. So, let’s get started with the best VPS hosting providers that you must use in 2021.

1. AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting provided a Hosting solution to its global client’s science 2003. Currently, they have 50 000+ consumers, and the servers of AccuWeb are located in 16+ countries. They offer Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Forex Hosting, and much more.

So you are working for any criteria, AccuWeb hosting can have the most suitable VPS Hosting plans for your business. Whether a blogger or owner of an E-commerce Website, you can get the best VPS hosting solutions. Accuweb Hosting provides Best and most Affordable Virtual private server Hosting. They provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee with excellent customer support. AccuWeb hosting all VPS plans are highly Secure and Scalable VPS hosting plans. It provides both Linux and Windows VPS Hosting services. VPS hosting plans come with Dedicated resources and full Administrative Access.

2. 1Gbits

1Gbits is the another best VPS service provider in the market. With its VPS services that are provided in 8 locations and 11 data centers, it has become the most preferable choice aming users in 2021. Whether you are using Windows or Linux operating system, its VPS service is compatible with both of them. It’s high quality VPS servers provide high performance and efficiency on all VMs. The main reason behind this VPS server to be compatible with both of the operating system is that its VPS servers are based on the most stable version of VMware. This wonderful and most reliable VPS service provider offers you several web hosting control panels through which you can run your website or a small web hosting server on your VM. The best part is that you will get 24/7 uptime monitoring so that your website will never get out of its users. Get high performance enterprise network structure and vast bandwidth with its wide array of VPS servers. Another main advantage you will get with its VPS services is that you may able to get your VPS installed and activated within 15 minutes of your payment. So, what are you waiting for? Just host your website with this most trust worthy VPS service provider.

3. Inmotion

In motion VPS is considered to be the best VPS hosting provider that will provide you with a secure server space with free domain in 6-12 months hosting plan. In the research testing of best VPS providers, we have found that Inmotion alone score about 95% and sets the bar high in the race of best. It provides an extensive range of features like Backups, root access, Unlimited CPU cores, Email accounts etc. in all its plans. With its scalable hosting plans, you can take your business to the next level. We must recommend you to make the use of its managed VPS hosting that provides you superior server with its dedicated resources.

4. Hostinger

Excel your business online with Hostinger that provides high performance and plenty of choices to choose from the plans. Where ever you live or whenever you want to upload, it provides you with an excellent experience for your business wherever you go. With its fully extensive features of dedicated IP protocols, you can experience fast and reliable hosting through it. They can also refund your payment if you are not fully satisfied with it. So choose Hostinger website hosting for successful hosting plans.

5. Bluehost VPS hosting provider

If you have a WordPress website and you are looking for VPS hosting, then Bluehost is best for you. Also, if you purchase a domain name from Bluehost then this service provider will one free of charge forever. You can choose from three of its VPS hosting plans. The cheapest hosting plan starts from $17.99 per month while the highest-paid plan will be of $57.99 per month but will increase its price after renewal to $119.99 per month. You will get all hosting plans with a free SSL certificate with one-year validity domain. CPanel and email accounts will also get included in its VPS hosting plans. If you want privacy and protection for all your hosted data then these add ons will be bought with extra payment.

The best part is that they will provide you with 24/7 support so that if you have any difficulties, you can easily take help from their technical team of representatives. This VPS service provider is known to be the best in 2021 and is used by many organizational units. You should give this provider a try and will surely get satisfied with its VPS hosting services.

6. Host Winds

Host Winds provide you with the number of features that will ensure your server space always run at its best. Their real-time hosting plan will let you know about the issues immediately and provide a suitable solution for it. The most exciting part is that every plan provided by Host Winds will give you an extensive set of features and appealing configuration offers. If you use Windows rather than Linux, then this plan will be best suitable for you. You can easily start your VPS hosting service with $18.99 per month and enjoy features like free website domain, one-click WordPress installation, 30GB of storage with 1TB of bandwidth and course 24/7 support to solve your VPS related issues.

7. GoDaddy

The most famous hosting provider is GoDaddy, will provide you with all in one solution for your hosting needs. This largest Domain registrar and a hosting service provider have satisfied various customers. It will enhance your website performance and will provide you with full flexibility of your server through unrestricted root access. Its low service plans and easy server management will help you to develop websites. Its unlimited bandwidth and usability for both Windows and Linux provide better experience and agility to customers. Those who want to get the full flexibility of server with unrestricted root access can go for self-managed VPS hosting plan and those who want to develop and host their websites with industry standards can go for Managed hosting. You will get other benefits like Software updates, uptime monitoring, 24/7 Chat support, automated backups and SSL certificate for 1 year with GoDaddy.

It’s an incredibly high-performance SSD’s provides you fast server up and more agility. So, what are you waiting for, just host your website with this best VPS hosting provider.


We all know that VPS hosting gives you complete access to your server and hosting environment. With dedicated servers, you will get an isolated server environment in the pond of multiple virtual machines. Also, the root access will allow you to make the changes in your server environment. This makes our website loads faster.

If your website has seasonal traffic or you are using CPU intensive applications then VPS is best to use. In this article, we have mentioned various Virtual Private Network service providers that will help you to increase your website performance as well as provide support to solve your VPS hosting related issues. You can also create your own VPS for your small business. If you have a large enterprise or want to host the various number of websites then you can go for the one which provides the best set of features.