Go Digital for your Travel Goals with these Top 10 Travel Apps

Travelling has always been a remarkable frame of human life. And in this modern edge, the rage of travelling is a boon for a lot of countries and people. Then there are very fewer people in the world who don’t prefer travelling. We mean, this is a fantastic way of entertainment, a significant form of relaxing yourself and explore the beautiful world.

There are notable countries where people are so fond of travelling that they have become remarkable to the rest of the world. If you have a look at this graph represented, then you would feel mesmerized by their passion for travelling.

Travel apps are highly in use for:

  • Booking flights
  • Organizing your travel roadmap
  • And also for following the right itinerary of the place you are going to.

Getting flight passes, coupons, online travel assistance and cheap tickets have become so comfortable with the help of travel apps. Majority of the airlines fares you can book online and get the best deals on passes. Recently for Air Canada flight pass, great offers are going on, which you can grab now. To book your next flight, consider booking it from Faremart.com which provides satisfactory Air Travel services with 24/7 support and access to over 450 airlines, thus, offering special offers to the seekers.

Now, we will give you proper guidance, which can help with a lot of aspects related to travelling. Using these apps can get great virtual assistance. Our team has prepared a list of relevant travel apps, which can help with travelling.

Top 10 best Travel Apps


People casually travel after fixing a budget for all their expenses. And Airbnb brings the perfect system for you in that purpose. While you are streaming with Airbnb, you are getting the opportunity to check the places available for instant holds, and that also by the budget meter.

It offers a private host over 34000 cities in the world, where you can find luxury hotels, minimum budget hotels, holding places and all. It is a free app. including this unique feature; you will get a lot of features with this one.

Tripit App

Install Tripit app for the best travel assistance.

It has both a free and paid version. The paid version charges about 49$ per year, and this is the Pro version. Tripit includes hotels, car renting services, email support etc.

It is no doubt a bit expensive, but the cost is worth it. Tripit is informative for flights, cars on that route and it can book a flight or car then after your mode you also can change it to any other.

After all the activities, Tripit also suggests for the best places to visit, restaurants, and share other relevant tips.


LiveTrekker is the app that allows you to explore the best way possible. LiveTrekker is a free app.

This app allows maps with high quality with GPS, pictures, videos, and texts of the places. And here you can also share your travel experiences in the app user interface and also can share your media stuff with others.


Skyscanner is quite exceptional than other travel apps. Because here you can search for the lowest price for anything you are looking for your travel.

Skyscanner will help you to book those flights, most affordable hotels etc. It is also a free app and very easy to use. Skyscanner has great visuals for your selected places, and this is well informed and very much updated. Section diversions for every position, options for categorizing your choices and much more are well accessible in Skyscanner.


If you are planning to go somewhere for travelling, and looking for specific travel assistance, then LoungeBudder is a good option for you. It will help you to get an idea about your travelling place and what you are going to get there.

It is a specified app for the maximum of the places in the world. LoungeBudder deals with relaxing spots, tasty foods of that place, fabulous drinks etc. LoungeBudder is a free app, and anyone can handle it with a little bit of technical knowledge.

XE Currency

XE Currency is highly relevant for travellers who are visiting foreign countries.

XE Currency is a profoundly optimized currency converter which can provide you with the most relevant information about any of your chosen country currency. By this, you can easily track your expense records and maintain your budgets.

It can convert your INR to US Dollar and any other currency you want to concert. Rates for money and statistics regarding the upward rising or downward sloping of any currency everything will be in your fingertips with the help of XE Currency.

Google Maps

Google maps is already a familiar app today. People use it now and then.

It is a well-organized mapping system which allows you to explore the best about what you want. Besides the random locations and places, this is also available for airports, malls, stadiums, markets and has all the essential notes for your assistance.

Evaneos Travel App

People who refer the visual quality fast they will love Evaneos Travel because it has an excellent visual representation.

Evaneos Travel is well applicable to meet your demands regarding any travelling information and helping you for further assistance. The designing of location searching and the diversity of applications is excellent in Evaneos Travel. So you can easily use this app.


What if you can find the best flights for your travelling and even at the lowest cost available! Will not it be great! And Hipmunk does this work for you.

Including some of the general travelling features, Hipmunk is a mainstream flight booking app. But all the attributes regarding the flights you will get here.


Becoming a multi linguistic person is an excellent add on being a traveller.

Duolingo is a smart app for learning languages.

Duolingo does not deal with any general features as the other travelling apps, but by Duolingo you can learn a lot of languages quickly. Languages like English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Sweden, etc. It is a free app and provides high time tutorials for learning the above.