Google’s Domain Registration Service

Google’s Domain Registration Service Can Help Small Businesses. Google being the market leading company helps small businesses flourish with its profound effective services. Domain registration is one of its vital features that assist small business set up to get a web address effortlessly with uncomplicated managing tools. In this era of internet, it is not only essential, but also compulsory for organization to have an online platform. Small businesses are not exception to this. Small business sans a website fails to attract customers online and thus, the absence on the net becomes the hindrance in their commercial growth. Therefore, to breach this gap, the leading internet search company, Google, is extending domain registration service for $12 per year for small business groups. This facilitates small organization eyeing at optimum growth getting a website easily and match the step equally with the boom of ecommerce business.

Partnership With Shopify

Google allows website development effortless through hosting partners like Shopify. Shopify, being a software-as-a-service provider, offers a trial that is free of cost to any new Google domain users.

Free Domain Registration

Google, the giant company, helps you being the small business owner, register your chosen domain name and cover the hosting costs free of cost for an entire year. You are not required to pay an amount for private registration and can avail the security by hiding your website’s name, address, and contact information. This domain registration allows you create your branded email, such as, your [email protected]’s and forwarding a mail to other domains as add-on without any extra cost unlike other registrars.

Easy Registration Process

Making the registration process easy for small business entrepreneurs, Google aids you grow at a faster rate. There are no additional features or up-sell unlike lengthy process of other registrar’s site. This helps in easy access and management of any online business. The simplicity of finding the domain online and purchasing it at minimum cost boosts up small business organization to grow.

Auto Renew your Domain

Registering your website in Google domain, you can avail the benefit of annual auto renewal facility that makes it matchless from its competitor.

Free access to other Google Apps

Domain registration in Google permits small business organization free access to other Google apps that delivers facilities like:

  • Receive and send customized email.
  • Generate, edit, and share files anywhere, anytime through your phone, laptop, or tablet.
  • Optimize security and control tool to manage your company’s devices and data.
  • Make use of Google hangout and indulge in with your client or customer face to face to get feedback and suggestion.
  • You can get benefited of Google calendar and able to design your website with description and photos of your business.

Registering your website in to Google’s domain, you will be able to utilize devices, such as Nexus Phone, Nexus Tablets, Pixel Chromebook, and Samsung Chromebook. Thus, being the proprietor of a small business, you will remain online and get every updates about the market along with your product anytime, anywhere.

You can create a Google+ page, or utilize Google Blogger to publish blogs showcasing your quality services and vision to acquire a wide clientele base.

Check Your Market Position Online and Garner Revenue

Once you Sign up on Google My Business option, you can easily search your webpage rank in search result. This search results abets you to judge the required quality of your product. If your page ranks high then, it is time for you sit back and consistently try to maintain the top position. As high your website ranks, so your profit will be. Top ranking indicates highest traffic has come across your product, which obviously gain you a large customer base. Thus, Google let you keep a check on the quality as well as customer’s behavior online, thereby to bring a change into your business growth.

Navigate Your Business Area Online

Once getting registered in to Google’s domain, the customers can get help of the Google map to navigate your business area as well as the directions to your office. Therefore, customers, vendors, or anyone who want to join your business can find out the locality without any hassle.

Exclusive features of Google acclaimed as threat to other domain registration services like Go Daddy, NameCheap.Com,, etc. Google has built this domain registration services aiming at assisting small business improve and grow on the internet. Offering the best possible domain experience, Google sends an invitation code for you while availing or transferring the domain.

Google domain registration helps small businesses to perform better by introducing them with their competitor online. Superior performance earns companies a loyal patron support leading to expansion of business.