Tips to Develop Good Habits, Manners and Cleanliness for Kids

In the matter of Kids, Education & Good manners are the two sides of a single coin. How well educated your Child is not matters. During a social leaving it is required that how well mannered your child is? To build a child is not so easy as we are thinking. Kids are various types. Some are Quicker & Some are Slower. You many observed while entering to school few Kids love to say Good morning to their teachers. While few Kids stay partially silent. So how to develop our Kids towards more into good manners & day today regular habits like Cleanliness or well behaviors. Cleanliness for kids helps to keep our Children Healthy.

Here in this topic we are sharing the list of good manners for every situation a child face. You may talk about the home or classroom every where manners required. Habit of cleanliness keeps our Kids healthy & disease free. In this knowledge sharing session we are sharing useful tips for your Kids Cleanliness & Good Manners.

Personal habits for Kids

1. Not only Advice your kid to brush their teeth twice a Day. Make it a habit for them. This habit helps your child to stay Cavity Free. Practice to brush teeth once in morning & once before into bed at night protects your Children from many mouth & gum related problems.

2. Every day morning tell your kid to take bath. Regular bath helps to prevent Kids from Cold & Cough. In winter days children fears to bath using Cold water. Prepare warm water for them. Before bath advice your kids to add 10 to 15 drops of Detol in the bucket of water.

3. Nails are the house of disease. In every weekend spend some time with your Kids to Cut their nails. Tell them the drawbacks of keeping nails.

4. Kids are less careful about viruses & bacterias infections. During they play they hold many things in their hands. Make them learn to wash their hands before eating any foods. For wash their hands use quality hand wash or anti-bacterial shop.

5. During travel advice your Kids to not eat any things from unknown fellows. If they wants to eat the same suggest them to purchase & eat. During purchase prefer packet based foods.

6. Generate Spiritual thinking for your Kids. In every day evening make them sit to do prayers for 10 to 15 minutes. After completion of prayer tell them to touch elders foot for blessings.

7. To educate a child is not so easy. First make them a habit to sit for 2 to 3 hours with their study kit. In evening after prayer from 7 pm to 9 pm make your Kids to sit for study. If your children is not sitting 2 to 3 hours after your advice take some tuition master to teach them at evening.

Cleanliness for Kids at Home

1. Cleanliness helps to prepare better environment. Advice your Kids to keep their things in the proper place. Say them to stay nit & clean. Generate awareness for your Kids about Cleanliness & it’s benefits.

2. During Lunch & Dinner tell your Kids to complete all foods from their plate. Advice them to don’t waste foods.

3. In your Kids create awareness about the benefits of clean environment. Make them a habit to Sweep and dust the house every day.

4. Many critical disease happens due to polluted water. Advice your Kids to drink filtered or boiled water. Avoid to drink Cold water from refrigerator. Cold water can cause tonsils or sore throat for Kids.

5. Tell your Kids about the advantages of fruits & vegetables. Advice them to drink fruit juice & to eat raw vegetables like carrots, ripe bananas, apples, Pomegranates & Oranges. For better development of your Kids generate awareness in them about the role of Vitamins & Proteins. Provide your Kids more protein rich foods. Practice them to Drink milk at night before into bed. Avoid more sugar for your Kids. Weekly twice provide 2 boiled eggs to your Children.

6. Today Kids are so smart to use mobile devices. Tell them the way to use a mobile phone. How to make a phone call? After call connected how to introduce them-self. How to talk over a phone?

Good Habits for Kids to maintain in Classroom

1. In every working day evening take time to discuss about school matters with your Kids. This activity helps to increase school & child relationship. In primary age of children they have the opportunity to meet others at their school. Make them friendly for their school & teachers.

2. Tell your Kids to do not eat in the Classroom. This is a bad Manner.

3. During school hours advice your Kids to do not throw bits of paper on the floor. If by unknowingly some thing fall into the ground tell them to take it & put in the dust bin.

4. Advice your Kids to do not write on the school desks.

5. Discipline is a key of success. Build your Kids more Disciplined & Punctual. Teach them to maintain Silence during coaching class or any meeting at their school.

Kids to know Good Manners for Home

1. Make it a practice for your Kids to say “Good Morning” to you & his/her mom in everyday morning. Before into the bed at night say them Good Night & tell them to replay back.

2. Let your Kids know the correct use of cupboard. Show them how to keep their clothes in the cupboard.

3. Tell your Kids to love their books & toys. Advice them to care their educational materials.

4. Water is life. Wasting of water is a bad habit. Tell your Kids to close the taps after use. Don’t waste water.

Good manners at School for Kids

1. As we discussed above school is the primary area where your Kids interact with others. Tell your Kids to wish their teacher while entering to the class.

2. Due to fluctuate concentration many Kids miss out the coaching lessons in their class. If you found your Kids is with fluctuate concentration tell them to listen their teachers when they teach. To improve your Kids memory & concentration read our one more release “Memory improvement tips for your Kids“.

3. Create a habit to your Kids to Say “please” & “thank you” to their Classmat