Ideal Car Rental Options for your Weekend

Getting a rental car for your weekend getaway can be quite an expensive and tedious activity for you, especially when you have zero knowledge on the available offers. Car rental companies normally price their services based on seasons, location, distance covered, referrals, and time of the week. The most ideal car rental options for your weekend will entirely depend on several points, as enumerated below.

Take Weekend Rentals

Picking the car on a Thursday afternoon instead of in the morning is one of the few hacks you may not know about. Normally, car rentals consider weekends to start on Thursday afternoon, and taking it earlier may not qualify you for the weekend offer discounts. This saves you both the cost and extended time that is usually offered as a coupon for Saturday overnight rentals (Saturday night keep). This could be up to 50% less.

Avoid Renting from the Airport

Normally, airport rentals impose surcharges on vehicles because they can. This is influenced by the increased activity and influx of people in that location. It would be better if you rent your car from somewhere outside the airport and drive yourself to and from, or take a taxi and rent your car from another location. This will save you the extra charges pegged onto the location.

Take a Day’s Rent

You can consider the last-minute offers that are normally posted by car rental companies to promote a day’s sale. These offers save you a percentage of the total cost due to the rush by the rentals to save the sale, especially on weekends. You should head to the car rental company site, where these offers are posted at any minute of the day.

Search the Internet for Coupons

Car rental companies offer coupons depending on the length of hire. Your ability to look around the internet for such a coupon offer can save you a lot of money. Websites provide the best information. This is well illustrated here: navigate here.

Use the Prepaid Car Rental Option

Sometimes it is better to book and pay for a car rental earlier than the date on which you are planning to travel. The changes in prices and taxes will not affect you on the due date. Car rentals constantly change the rates for their services depending on the market forces at the time, for example, based on gas price increases.

The Three-Day Rule

This applies to most car rental services that offer coupons for three days of hire. They may offer a free weekend day or discount coupon, but only if you rent the vehicle for 3 days. This makes any rent for less than three days more expensive. It is essential to keep the vehicle for three billing days to enjoy the free day or discount coupon.


The key to getting the ideal car rental option will be to keep yourself informed on the various offers available through print and electronic media alike. Constant searching for information on car rental websites may land you a good deal for your planned weekend.