Best home remedies to relieve from Sciatica nerve pain

In our modern generation back pain is a very common problem. Whether you are an employee or a businessman during working hour you spent major time on a chair. Our back bone is like a shock absorber. During body movement it handles load. To keep our back bone healthy it required exercises. Which we don’t do among our busy schedules. The cause after certain point of time we started facing back pain. In this session let us share some of the effective home remedies to get relieve from Sciatic nerve pain. These are tested & completely result oriented.

Sciatica nerve pain? Exercise Regularly

1. Make it a habit to do exercise regularly in morning & evening. According to experts morning walk is very effective to get relieve from Sciatic nerve pain. If you are not getting time to do exercise two times a day, do it once either in morning or evening but consider morning walk as mandatory. Do yoga, asanas and pranayama regularly. For housewives use excercise machines at home. Doing regular house works is a very good exercise.

Consult with a good physiotherapy. Weekly twice call him for massage.

Consume Calcium

To improve bone density Calcium is required in our body. After 40 Calcium levels getting down day by day. In these days it more possible that we can have back or Sciatic nerve pain. To maintain healthy calcium level in your body with your regular diet plan include calcium rich foods. Eat small fishes and eggs. For senior citizens including calcium rich diets we would like to suggest go for 500 mg calcium tablets.

Apply Massage Therapies

2. It was proofed massage therapy gives instant relieve from Sciatic nerve pain. During massage it releases endorphins which directly helps to induce relaxation & rid from pain. It’s much good if you are using vibrator during massage. It helps in improving blood flow in muscles and affected areas.

(a) As a popular home remedy in coconut oil mix camphor. Boil this mixer for 5 to 7 minutes. Then cool it & store in a glass bottle. In every alternate days before into bed at night tell some expert to massage this mixer in your affected areas.

(b) Mustard oil massage is one more popular home remedy to get rid from back pain. Take some 70 ml mustard oil, add 10 to 12 garlic cloves in it. Boil this for 5 minutes. Then bring back to normal tempreture and apply in your affected areas. You can take this massage at any time of the day. But make sure after this massage soak warm water above the massage area. Garlic has anti-inflammable property. The cause this massage therapy gives major relieve from Sciatic nerve pain.

(c) Herbal Oil massage therapy is an effective way to recover from muscles damage. Few of the popular herbal oils are eucalyptus oil, olive oil & almond oil. Weekly at least once take herbal oil massage to get relieve from Sciatic nerve pain. Some of the best herbs for bone injury are Red sage, Red clover, Horsetail, Thyme and Turmeric. With herbal massage you can take the advantages of these herbs. Red clover can be consumed as an ingredient in herbal tea.

Home based Therapies for Sciatica nerve pain

3. By nature Turmeric contains curcumin which is rich with anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory properties. This is the cause regular intake of Turmeric helps to reduce Sciatic pain. To start this treatment first prepare ground turmeric powder. Mix 2 spoons of this powder in a glass of milk. Add some little sugar or honey for better taste. Twice a day drink this until you get relieve from Sciatic nerve pain.

4. Hot water treatment is a very old technique to get rid from back pain. During you spend time with TV or Computer put hot-water bag on your back supported by a cushion. Heat therapy improves blood flow in affected areas. The cause after this treatment you will get relieve from Sciatic nerve pain. Here if you can do hot water therapy manually using a cotton and warm water its much appreciate. While doing this add 100 gm salt in bucket of water. Then apply.

5. Ginger is rich with anti-inflammable properties. If you are suffering with severe back pain I can suggest you to apply Ginger paste on your affected areas. At the same end practice to eat 2 to 3 garlic cloves everyday. This home remedies gives instant relieve from Sciatic nerve pain.

6. Ice therapy also used to get rid from back pain. But always keep remember don’t apply both heat & cool treatment at same time. Try each one independently. Observe which one is more effective for your body. If ice therapy gives better result compare to heat therapy, take ice therapy twice a week. While applying ice therapy take some small cubes of ices in a polythene. Then drag it slowly over the affected areas.

I am sure the above home remedies are very effective to relieve from Sciatic nerve pain. Try them & share us your feedback.