Various Therapies & Acupuncture to relax from Joint Pain

Age after 40 joint pain is a very common problem. Mainly joint pain occurs in knee & waist areas. Joints in our body made to handle stress. The time we are walking or playing cricket joints are working to support our body movements as well as dealing to balance load. To operate smooth synovial fluid works like a lubricant in our joints. It reduces friction between two bones. As a major cause of joint pain it is found with the growing age synovial fluid loses it’s density. Lack of water, Excess salt consumption, loss of vitamin & minerals causes low synovial fluid in our body. Joint pain is a dirty pain. It affects our healthy sleep. In initial days to relief from joint pain we use ibuprofen. It helps reduces pain in instant. Only taking ibuprofen is not the solution in other end keep treatment to resolve joint problems. In this session let us share some of the effective Therapies & Acupuncture to make you relief from Joint Pain.

Massage Therapy

Massage gives very good result to relief from Joint pain. Before a good night sleep take some topical menthol rub & massage it for 30 minutes on the affected areas. Keep remember while doing massage put pressure towards the direction of heart. For an example when you do massage on legs go for bottom to top approach. In alternate days use mustard oil or castor oil in place of menthol rub. Monthly twice use high-quality fish oil to effected areas.

Heat Therapy

Avoid heavy exercise. Just walkout to give motion to your joints. Take sufficient rest. If you are getting more pain at night use 2 times hot water bag therapy on your knee or hip areas. If you are getting pain in such a area which bone is broken before take some candles in pan. Melt it to liquid. Then cool it to the temperature your body can accept. Using a spoon slowly put the light hot melted candle on your joint pain areas. This heat therapy is very effective in joint pain. Heat helps to stimulate blood flow.

Electronics Therapy

Today in the market their any many vibrators available to treat muscles pain. Purchase a better one. With Castor Oil apply this vibrator to your affected areas. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes.

Ice therapy

Low temperature reduce blood flow. Therefore it helps to reduce tissue swelling. In a cotton take some ice. Apply it on affected areas for 10 to 15 minutes. In a day do ice therapy for not more then 3 times.

Lose weight soon

If your weight is more then 80 kilograms reduce this to below 60. Heavy weight gives more load to operate Joints. More weight mean you are more near to joint pain. To loss weight look at our another release “Effective Tips for Weight Loss“.


Acupuncture is a very popular therapy against joint pain. Find out the nearer Acupuncture center from your residency. Call them and take admission for 2 months. If you found Acupuncture therapy working on you do continue this treatment. Acupuncture help to improve blood flow. It give fresh life to nerve systems. During Acupuncture tiny needles are place along the patient’s legs, arms, shoulders & toes (patients feel some sensation from a needle it is not really injected). For a specific time these needles stay on the pain areas. Then they remove this. Most patient’s relax & even fall asleep during this treatment. Acupuncture is very effective for Joint pain.