Sciatic Nerve pain or Back pain the purpose of the Inversion Table

Back pain, neck pain, Sciatic nerve pain among other conditions can really take a toll on your well being. Other than just rendering you physically inactive, it can also lead to other serious health issues. Hence, such conditions need to be ignored, especially in the early stages. If ignored for too long, such conditions can develop into other serious cases.

That said, most people often see a therapist to help treat such cases. Others are known to turn to alternative medical practices such as acupuncture. However, there is one type of therapy that has proved effective in treating and providing much-needed relief. I am referring to the Inversion Table Therapy. Check out inversion therapy tables at

Let us take a look at why so many people are turning to this type of therapy.

Increased Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is imperative for optimum health. Blood contains important nutrients and minerals that provide nourishment to vital organs and parts of the body. Inversion table therapy is known to increase blood flow throughout the entire body.

The increased blood flow is also known to help repair damaged muscles, ligaments and even degenerated spinal discs. The nutrients and minerals found in the blood increase their ability to heal.

Reduce Pressure on Nerves and Spine

Pressure is the main cause of pain experienced in the neck, back, as well as on the sciatic nerve. The pressure and compression are mainly caused by gravity. Well, the use of inversion table therapy employs the use of gravity itself to reverse the effects.

The downward pull created by gravity decompresses the discs of the spinal cord, providing relief. The same applies to the pressure on the sciatic nerve. Gravity stretches out the tight muscles and nerves found in the neck area, creating relief.

There are some severe Sciatic cases, where a nerve is pinched or there is a damaged or degenerated disc. Such severe cases can cause serious pain that may be hard to deal with or ignore. However, inversion table therapy can still release pressure on the pinched nerve.Also, the increased blood flow will help heal the damaged and degenerated discs in the neck and back region.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety Levels

Stress is a factor that can increase your risk of developing other health conditions. Hence, it is a condition that most people should try dealing with. Yet, very few people handle stress effectively. In fact, research states that more and more people are suffering from severe stress.

Stress has also been linked to the development of back pain, neck pain, and even headaches. Inversion table therapy deals with those conditions by providing relief, helping reduce stress levels. Also, the table can be used as to carry out certain exercises that can help ease one’s stress levels.

Improve Fitness and Increase Endurance

Having a workout regimen is imperative when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, back and neck pain can really get in the way of such goals. Of course, treating them using the inversion table will help you get back on track sooner than later.

Yet, it not only treats your conditions, it is also a form of exercise. It helps increase your level of fitness and pushes you past your comfort level, increasing your endurance That way, by the time you treat your conditions and get back to normal exercising, it will be like you never left.