Peanut Oil and Walnut Oil for Full Body Massage Therapy

Many of the properties of essential oils healing are still under study due to the large amount of chemicals that make them up. But we already speak with certainty of the antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-parasitic action of some of them.

The skin penetration power of the oils is high, so they are effective in baths and massages, always taking care to dilute them correctly, either in water or another oil and never apply it directly on the skin. It has also been verified that they are eliminated through the lungs and kidneys, so their effects also reach these organs, will harm them.

Some of these oils stimulate the gastric and salivary secretions, contributing to the digestion and between them we can mention the chamomile, known antispasmodic; the one of rosemary. That favors the flow of the bile to the intestine, and the one of mint that fights the annoying gases. In these cases, the frictions in the abdominal area are very effective.

The inhalations and the massages in the thorax with eucalyptus, thyme, lavender and oregano have expectorant action, they fluidize the bronchial secretions and favor their elimination. They are spasmodic and antiseptic.

Chamomile and geranium, on the other hand, can be used to massage the lumbar sacral area and help dissolve urinary stones.

Some essences stimulate the nervous system cedar, lemon and mint – while others, such as lavender and lemon balm, the sedan. A few droplets are enough to aromatize and “enchant” the bathroom daily.

Peanut Oil for full Body Massage

Massages are usually a therapy designed to relax from body aches and pains, if they are accompanied by oils enriched with the essences to which we have referred their results can be very effective.

Peanut oil for example can be the ideal base for an oil that enhances the effectiveness of a massage and you can prepare it as follows:

Take three tablespoons of peanut oil, and three drops of orange, sandalwood, rosemary and jasmine oil. Mix them and warm them a little to Mary’s bath to integrate. Put it in a dark bottle and shake well before use to give you relaxing rubs.

Herbal Massage Oil

Massage oils have the virtue to aromatize, relax, and facilitate the slip of the hands. It also transfers its healing properties to the recipient organism. Here’s an interesting mix of herbs that will surely have a positive effect on your body.

In half a cup of walnut oil, peel the grated grapefruit and a small spoonful of dried rosemary and equal amount of basil. If you use fresh herbs, double the servings.

Place all the ingredients in a saucepan and heat over low heat without boiling its contents, since it is not necessary that the mixture boil. Wait for it to cool, and store it in a dark glass jar with a lid for not less than a week or 10 days before use.

Then use it as a lubricant to apply a self-massage arms, legs and feet that can change your day.

There are points of the sole that directly affect each part of the body; Discover them step by step method. It is scientifically proven that this method leaves four positive effects on our body:

  • Improves blood flow to the kidneys and intestines.
  • Positive changes in patients with renal dialysis.
  • Relaxation effect with reduced blood pressure and decreased nervousness.
  • Reduction of chest pain, diabetes, kidney stones and osteoarthritis.

Simply, you can also use a best foot massager to stimulate the feet and that cause relaxation in the body finally.