Various types of Hemorrhoids Symptoms & their Treatments

Generally, hemorrhoids symptoms occur due to the veins swelling in the rectum of the anus. They are similar to varicose veins that can be found on the human foot. When the vein swells, the patient will feel itching, pain and even bleeding. Of course, this will be painful and makes you uncomfortable when you do your activities. Besides, sometimes the hemorrhoids can also make someone suffer from erectile dysfunction. So, what makes someone get hemorrhoid symptoms? There are so many factors that can make someone experience hemorrhoids. However, the significant causal factors of hemorrhoids can not be determined clearly. Most of the people get hemorrhoids symptoms due to several factors. Some of the factors that can make you suffer from hemorrhoids are:

  • You sit on a chair for hours every day.
  • Sitting in a closet for a long duration.
  • Suffering from Diarrhea.
  • Irregular diet.
  • Frequently do the heavy lifting.
  • Lack of fiber intake.
  • And Heredity factor.

Types of Hemorrhoids

There are two types of hemorrhoids that may attack anybody. The hemorrhoids symptoms may happen in the internal part and the external part. The external hemorrhoids symptoms can be found in the anus and it is commonly found in the outer part of the anus. Meanwhile, internal hemorrhoids can be found in the hole of the anus and they are commonly small and cannot be seen so easily. If the internal hemorrhoid gets bigger, then it may come out when you defecate and makes you feel uncomfortable.

The Levels

Sometimes you do not realize that you are suffering from hemorrhoids because the hemorrhoids symptoms are still relatively small. Therefore, the hemorrhoids must be divided into four stages. They are stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 and stage 4.

Stage 1 Hemorrhoids Symptoms – In the first stage of hemorrhoids, you will not feel the pain and the disease does not bother your activities, but you may feel itchy and a bit hot when you are defecating.

Stage 2 Hemorrhoids Symptoms – The second stage of hemorrhoids can be more painful and sometimes it can make your anus bleeding. It also may be signed with a lump in the anus like a little meat to enter and exit into the anus.

Stage 3 Hemorrhoids Symptoms – In the third stage, there must be a bleeding and there will be a small bump along with the pain and you have to put the hemorrhoids bump back in manually. The hemorrhoids must be interfering with your daily activities and it always comes out of your anus.

Stage 4 Hemorrhoids Symptoms – This is the worst stage that can make hemorrhoid appear clearly and it looks bigger than you imagine. Sometimes, it also makes a circle around your anus.

Characteristics & Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Before the hemorrhoids get worse, you must understand some of the hemorrhoids symptoms that may start the disease to come. There must be something wrong why you can suffer from hemorrhoids. Usually, the common hemorrhoids symptom that may happen is the bleeding of the anus. If your anus is bleeding when you are defecating, then it might be a hemorrhoid symptom. If you did not notice it, day by day you will feel a lump in your anus and if you find it difficult to defecate, then these hemorrhoids will become increasingly severe. Besides, you will also feel itching in your anal canal caused by bacteria that infect the anus.

Hemorrhoids Treatments

If you get some hemorrhoids symptoms, you must do some quick remedies so that the hemorrhoids do not get bigger and bigger. In order to heal the hemorrhoids symptoms totally, you can some home remedies to solve your hemorrhoids issues. Here are some of the tips so that you are no longer suffering from hemorrhoids.

Having a Healthy Life Style – One of the first reasons why you get some hemorrhoids symptoms is because of your bad lifestyle. An unhealthy lifestyle can make you suffer from hemorrhoids. For example, you may be sitting on your chair too long that may be a causal factor of hemorrhoids. Some of the other causal factors of the hemorrhoids symptoms emergence are alcohol, cigarette, drugs, and much more. You must avoid those bad things if you do not want to get hemorrhoids.

Having Some Exercises Regularly – One of the most important things, when you want to be always healthy inside and outside, is by doing exercises. Somehow, exercise can make your body healthy and it also may work in solving your hemorrhoids problem before they get more severe.

Consuming Enough Fiber rich Foods – What if you do not consume enough fiber? It may make you get difficult to defecate. As a result, it can make your anus get swelling and then the hemorrhoids symptoms appear. Therefore, you must consume enough fiber that you can take from vegetables and fruits.

Drinking Enough Water – Digestive system problem can be a reason why you are suffering from hemorrhoids. When hemorrhoids symptoms appear on your anus, it may happen because you do not drink a lot of water that can make your feces hard and finally you cannot defecate easily. Besides, when you feel that you want to defecate, you should not hold it and you must defecate immediately.

Take Some Medicines – If the hemorrhoids symptoms become severe, you must take a medical treatment. In this case, you can buy some medicines that can heal your hemorrhoids. You can consult with your doctor first to choose the best medical treatment if you do not really understand the healing process. This can be the best idea when you have a stage four hemorrhoids that can be really disturbing until you cannot do you daily activities.

In summary, hemorrhoids can attack anyone but sometimes we have never realized the hemorrhoids symptoms. All of sudden, the hemorrhoids are getting bigger and make your anus painful. Therefore, before the hemorrhoids get severe and worse, you are recommended to understand the symptoms first. After that, you can do some easy home remedies to reduce the pain and or take some medicines when the hemorrhoids get worse.