5 Ways to Correct Posture Pitfalls and Prevent Back Pain

Many people especially when they reach a certain age, suffer from back pain, in particular lower back pain. Did you know that poor posture adds a lot of strain to your back muscles and backbones? Over time, the stress that your body suffers from this lack of a good Posture Pitfalls can anatomically change your spine’s shape, possibly leading to pinched nerves, constricted blood vessels and other problems like neck, back and knee pain.

Therefore, and this is something few people are aware of, correcting your posture is an important requirement for improving your overall health.

In this article, we will highlight the common Posture Pitfalls mistakes causing your back pain and present some simple tips how to address them. This advice will also stave off possible back, neck and knee problems in the future.

PC Screen Stare

This Posture Pitfalls issue is commonly known as the “chin-out” pose. This is when people who sit too low in front of their computers tend to stick their chin out to get a better visual of their screens. This habit is very common among people who work a desk job.

To address this problem, you need to adjust your chair to the correct height. It should be high enough to keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle and low enough to keep your computer screen at eye-level. You can also achieve this solution by adjusting the height of your table. You can also click here to learn about office ergonomics.

Poor Sitting Posture

There are some people who cannot seem to sit upright. This causes slouching and adds pressure to your back and spine. If you are guilty of this, you have to be mindful and start sitting upright.

Put a small pillow behind your back to add some support. If you are like many people who work behind a computer, try not to have your shoulders tense. Use a chair with an arm rest so that you can drop your arms and rest your shoulders whenever you are not typing.

Standing While The Butt is Tucked Inwards

People who stand with their back and butt flat tend to experience back pain problems. This is a common posture issue and should be corrected as soon as possible as it prevents you from holding your body up comfortably for longer periods of time.

If this issue is left unaddressed, it increases your chances of developing back pain that can extend to your upper and lower back. Fix this problem by carrying out strength exercises while focusing on your glutes, shoulders and core.

Standing While Leaning Towards The Left or Right Leg

This is the most common habit that could be causing your pain. A correct standing posture uses core muscles and glutes to keep the entire body upright. But leaning your weight to one side of your body adds great pressure to your hips and lower back, especially when you carry excess weight.

You can improve your core muscles by performing plank poses or bridges. If you are on the heavier side, try your best to lose some of the excess weight, as this often leads to back pain just by itself, just because your muscles and joints need to carry more weight.

Cardio exercises will help burn body fat and strength training drills will definitely get rid of posture-related pains If they become a regular routine for you.

Standing Straight With The Butt Pointed Out

There are some people with very pronounced spine curves. They are at a greater risk, or probably already suffering from a condition called hyperlordosis. Sometimes, too much belly fat exacerbates the problem.

Thigh exercises can help resolve this issue. It is also crucial to incorporate hip flexor exercises and stretches to improve your balance and stability. See this page if you are experiencing tight hip muscles. Core training or strength exercises will help strengthen your glutes, which is important for a stronger back with less pain.

If your posture looks a lot like how Donald Duck stands, then you have to consider getting some extra help. See a medical professional or contact your physician immediately.

These posture pitfalls are associated with back pain and it is a vital to correct them if you want to stay fit and healthy.

Unfortunately, in our busy lives we tend to not pay enough attention to this condition Stay aware of your body language and do not let back pain get out of control. Do not forget about taking a regular fitness routine to stay in shape and be mindful about your posture as often as possible.