Causes of Ankle injury and Tips to relieve the Ankle Pain

Around 25,000 people sprain their ankle every day. That’s not it; every year more than 1 million people visit the emergency room for ankle related injuries. Some of the most common types of injuries ankle sprains, fractures, and ligament or tendon damage. If minor ankle injuries are avoided, they could lead to severe ankle problems that could get difficult to deal with. Initially, patients rely on ankle braces, ankle binders, and other ankle supports, but they must seek medical help when these products do not give the desired relief.

Some of the prime causes of Ankle injury include

  • Tripping or Falling
  • Running or walking on uneven Surfaces
  • Twisting of Ankle
  • Accidents
  • Landing in an awkward position after a jump

If you’re experiencing pain in your ankle despite trying ankle braces or ankle binders then, visit your doctor as soon as possible. Some of the signs of severe ankle injury include intense pain, bruising, inability to walk, and swelling. Moreover, if you’re finding it difficult to walk without an ankle brace or an ankle support, then it’s a sign that you need to see a doctor.

What can you do when you have an ankle injury?

We highly recommend that soon after the immediate first aid, you must see the doctor as the intensity and the depth of the injury can be best told by a knowledgeable doctor.

Here are some of the things that might help you relieve the ankle pain:

Icing: It is advisable to use ice to reduce the pain and swelling post an injury. The numbing sensation that the ice provides relieves the pain temporarily. In order to prevent frostbite, don’t use the ice bag for more than 15-20 minutes at a stretch. Wait for at least 40 minutes before using the ice bag again.

Pro Tip: Don’t have an ice bag? Not a problem, roll ice in a napkin and use it as an ice pack.

Compress: Immediately after suffering the injury, wrapping the injured ankle with an ankle brace or an elastic bandage could provide some relief. The idea is to keep the ankle safe from any movement that could aggravate the situation.

Here is “How to prevent ankle injuries?”

Skip the Stilettos: Wearing stilettos for long hours could cause discomfort for your ankle and you might end up hurting your ankle too. Make sure to wear comfortable footwear that gives proper support to your ankle.

Brace your Ankle: Did you know a minor ankle pain could turn into arthritis ankle pain, if not treated at the right time? Using an ankle brace can help you protect your ankle. It also reduces the stiffness of the ankle and eases the painful movement.

Stay away from uneven Ground: Bumpy hill roads, uneven roads, and cobblestone pathways can be bad for your ankle. Make sure to wear ankle supports, ankle braces, ankle binders, and follow the footwear rules that are mentioned. Always wear sturdy footwear as they could keep your ankle safe and protect you from tripping.