Gastro-intestinal or Ulcers like Side effects of instant relief Pain killer

If there is a headache in the morning then take aspirin or disprin will be okay or there is pain in the body, then take a combiflam or Brufen will get rest. To reduce headache, stomach ache or body pain, we take some such painkillers, which can give us instant relief for some time. But some of our negligence can make these pain medicines a pain for us.

For immediate relief without pain, prescription medicines are called ‘Over the Counter Drugs’ (OTC), whose light dose gives you comfort but we may have to bear the side effects of our slightest mistake.

These can be side effects of pain killer

  • Constipation or loose motions.
  • Gastro-intestinal problems.
  • Ulcers or bleeding in the Stomach.
  • Mental disorders like insomnia, meditation etc.
  • Breathing difficulties.
  • Skin rash and itching or irritation.
  • Long-term use of Pen Killer can endanger your liver and kidneys.

Expert opinion

Regarding the use of pen killer drugs, senior physician Dr. K.C. Sood believes that OTC can take a light dose of medicines for relief in pain, but dependence on them can be very dangerous.

Consuming these medicines for long periods of time or without taking any of the doctor’s consultation can endanger the kidneys.

Always keep these things in mind

To avoid side effects of pen killer drugs, it is also important to know that you are making such mistakes while taking pen painter, which may have to withstand side effects.

Do not take empty stomach pen killer – taking empty stomach pain killer drugs increases gastric or acidity in the body, which can make the health worse. Always take some diet before taking pen painter.

Spacing Distance Alcohol – The combination of alcohol and pen killer can lead you to a state of stroke or heart attack. Since pen-killer drugs and alcohol increase both acidity, then you can think of how negative these two effects can be.

Do not let water Shortage – even if you take the medicine with two sesame water, but after taking medication, there is no water shortage in the body.

When you take medication, it has a direct effect on the whole system of the kidney. In such a situation, toxin of drugs, rapidly consuming water, exits the body faster and reduces the risk of side effects.

Don’t break the drug by crushing it – many times people have trouble swallowing the whole tablet, especially the children are very much inclined to eat medicines. In this way we feed them by breaking up or crushing drugs.

In this case, the complete dose of medicine dissolves rapidly in the body and many times our body is unable to handle its effects and it works like an overdose of medicine.

In this case if you have to take a full tablet, then swallow it instead of breaking it. Yes, there is no problem in breaking the medicine for half the dosage.

Do not make it Addictive – many times people get accustomed to tiredness and pain relief so that medicines become part of their routine. They can be used for prolonged kidney, liver and many mental problems.

Do not take more than one pen killer at a time – the pain is too fast, but it does not mean that you have more than one pen killer in it. It takes at least 15 to 30 minutes to know the effect of any pen killer. In this case, if you become overburdened by overdosing the pen killer, then there may be side effects such as bleeding, kidney failure, heart attack, blood clotting.

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The light dose of pen killer medicines is only to relieve your pain, but instead of reducing our normal carelessness pain, we may have a lesson for big pain. If you are still struggling with your addiction we recommend you seek professional help as soon as possible. We recommend visiting a trusted drug rehab facility in Seattle, Washington.