5 Reasons why Physical Therapists Should invest in Cold Therapy Units

Cold therapy is a medical treatment that involves using cold temperatures to relieve pain, reduce swelling, and speed up healing. This can be achieved through various methods such as ice packs, cold compresses, cryotherapy, and immersion in cold water. A Breg polar care kodiak is a device that helps circulate water through a pad to help in reducing inflammation and pain in any part of the body. Cold therapy is mainly used in post-surgery and recovery, One time or repetitive strain injuries, workout injuries, and skin problems.

Physical therapists evaluate and treat body disorders, improve movement, and manage the pain. Cold therapy units are very effective in pain management because of their effective mode of application. The following are reasons why physical Therapists should invest in Cold Therapy Units.

1. More Efficient than Ice

A Breg Polar Care Kodiak combines compression and cold, proven more efficient than ice therapy alone. Consistent cold compression helps relieve pain and reduces swelling by regulating the blood flow to the injured area. The compression also allows a therapeutic cold penetration which will penetrate deeper and last longer.

2. Less Medical Prescription

Physical therapists can invest in cold therapy units to reduce the medication that they prescribe to their patients. Cold therapy units relieve pain by numbing the nerves ending in the body. This reduces pain by slowing down communication between the body and the brain. As a result, patients rely on the cold therapy unit instead of medication while recovering from an injury or surgery.

3. Convenience and Portability

A Breg polar care kodiak is easily portable so that patients can take them home. It is also easy to control the device’s temperature. The injured area is treated easily with a consistent temperature, and the healing process is shorter.

4. It may Help in Treating Low-Risk Tumors

Cold therapy units are also used in treating low-risk tumors. This works by freezing the cells around the point where there is a tumor. Cold therapy units are better than ice in such treatment because of the controlled temperature that comes with the devices.

5. Reduces Migraine Symptoms

Cold therapy units help reduce migraine symptoms. Wrapping around the neck a cold unit help reduce the pain since it cools down the blood in the veins closer to the skin. The relaxed blood now circulates the head, thereby treating migraine symptoms.


Physical therapists should invest in cold therapy units such as Breg polar care kodiak because of the flexibility and convenience of the units. They are more efficient than ice because they do not melt away, as is the case with ice. Cold therapy units are also convenient as the patient can move around with the unit and control the temperatures.

Cold therapy units have a compressing feature that enables a uniform and deeper penetration of cold into the injured area. Cold therapy also ensures fewer medical prescriptions for the patients. Also, in cases of migraines, cold therapy units help cool down the blood vessels closer to the neck when the unit is wrapped around the neck.