Responsiveness to Page Speed SEO Rules for dominating SERP results

Now that 2022 is almost here, it is worth reviewing what you need to do to achieve success in SEO. The beautiful thing is that the same fundamentals still remain with a few changes here and there. Change is inevitable, and affordable seo services for small business is not an exception. If you take small business ppc management, for instance, application of the same rules will play a part, but the content formats and a few other things may change a bit to meet the new styles and requirements. So, let us see the SEO Rules that will dominate online search results.


As time goes by, the requirement for content in SEO keeps on changing. In 2022, content will play even more roles in ranking other websites. As opposed to a few years ago when low quality and software generated content could play a role, now it is time to write innovative and authentic content that can engage readers with your site. Content with no value will just be a waste of time next year.


The amount of authority a website has is determined by the number of links it has built so far. Come next year, your site will rank lower than now if it has only a few links either inbound or outbound. As opposed to the norm, the dropping of real-time authority detection will slow things as sites will take more time to obtain the effect of both the domain score and authority.

Page Speed

Website owners will need to assess how fast their pages are and what can be done to improve their speed. One must not stay in the dark. The use of available tools will not only show the speed but also identify areas that have problems and need some improvements. Use of SEO experts can also help to increase the speed of web pages.

Optimize Mobile Responsiveness

In 2022, the use of mobile devices like smartphones will go higher than it is today. As of now, use of these devices has surpassed that of the desktop. Mobile related web pages should be faster in responsiveness so that users can have a smooth experience. Any hitches will only put them off, and the traffic on your site will decline.

Use Media to Engage Readers

Videos, podcasts and images are more attractive to most readers than plain text. Therefore, you need to plan how to add more media to your website come next year. Make sure that these are both high quality and easy to download. Visit the site yourself to feel a visitor’s experience.

Avoid Excess use of Ads

The main purpose one has in business is to make money. However, too many ads on a single page make it look crowded. People struggle to find the information they came to seek in the first place. Additionally, these ads slow down the responsiveness of the page and can mess up your SEO ranking come next year.

With the above rules, your SEO will be in great shape in 2022 and beyond. However, there are more rules to utilize, and some further research will help.