What are the Sign of Chronic Back Pain? Should I go for a Doctor?

Do you wake up every morning with aches and pains? You’re not alone. In fact, almost 65 million Americans report an episode of back pain annually.

Another 16 million Americans have lasting back pain. When left untreated, back pain can become a costly disability capable of changing your entire life. It’s even the sixth most costly condition in the country!

Don’t lose sleep over it. Instead, keep reading to discover the five signs it’s time to see a doctor for back pain.

By reading this guide, you can get the help you need before your pain becomes a disability. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Headaches

One of the biggest signs it’s time to see a doctor for back pain seemingly has nothing to do with your back.

You might start experiencing headaches due to dehydration or malnutrition. One of the lesser-known causes of headaches, however, is spinal misalignment.

When your back and neck are properly aligned, oxygen will flow naturally to your brain. Blood flow will improve as well, which will ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs. An alignment, however, can cause headaches to develop.

If you start experiencing debilitating headaches, consider visiting a doctor. They can determine the source of your headaches by reviewing your lifestyle habits.

For example, you might need a new exercise routine, diet or work environment to keep the pain at bay.

2. Lasting Pain

About 50% of working Americans experience back pain symptoms each year. Back pain is even the leading cause of missed work and disability worldwide. If your symptoms don’t fade, visit a doctor for back pain immediately.

Knowing when to see a doctor for back pain can keep your pain from turning into a disability. Otherwise, living with that pain can impact your mood and your productivity. You could even lose your job.

A back pain doctor can help reduce your chances of developing a disability. They can also reduce the intensity of your pain and improve your functionality.

Let your doctor know where you’re experiencing pain. For example, you might experience rib and back pains more often than neck pain. Proving your doctor with accurate information is essential for determining the best treatment.

3. Your Shoes

Are one of your shoes wearing down faster than the other? Uneven wear and tear could indicate a subluxation of the spine. As a result, you could experience a limited range of motion.

4. Trouble Sleeping

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Without enough sleep, you might experience memory issues or difficulty concentrating.

A back doctor can relieve the pressure on your spine to ease your back pain. Then, you can relax and catch those z’s!

5. Low Mobility

Severe back pain and also impact your mobility and flexibility. A misaligned spine could make movement difficult. If your range of motion seems limited, consider visiting a doctor.

Are you experiencing these symptoms? If so, it’s time to visit a doctor for back pain. Don’t wait! Make an appointment and ease the pain away today.

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