Sperm motility or Ear Pain how Onions are benificial for Health

Onion is a day today used vegetable. Nearly in all home made recipes onion takes part for better taste. The botanical name of onion is “Allium Cepa“. Cepa is a Latin word. Onion comes under Amaryllidaceae family and Allium genus. It is a chemically rich food. In this session for day to users of onion let us share health benefits of onions.

Increase Sperm motility

Onion is very effective to increase sperm motility and concentration. Take 2 medium size onions. Grind and prepare onion juice. Mix 2 spoon of original honey and 1 spoon Desi Ghee. Then mix this mixer well. Regularly on daily basis once in morning and once in evening consume this. This home remedy helps to develop more sperms and cures sperm related infections. Which helps in conceive faster.

Earache or Ear Pain

Onion is one of the best home remedy for Earache or Ear Pain. Normally Ear pain appears due to cold or infection. If you are suffering with Earache or Ear pain, take 1 medium size of onion. Grind it in a Mixer. Extract onion juice from the paste and using slow flame warn it little. Then like a ear drop put 4 to 5 drops of little warm onion juice in each ear. This is very effective and can relax you from ear pain.

Intestinal Worms

Intestinal Worms are parasites that infects our Gastrointestinal tract. Whether in Adult or Kids this infection is very common. To get cure you from intestinal worms onion is a best home remedy. Take 2 medium size onions. Using mixer prepare paste. Then filter and extract onion juice. In that juice add 1 spoon of Carom seeds powder and 1 spoon jaggery. Before going to sleep at night take 2 spoons of this mixer. This home remedy kills worms. For Kids take the juice of small size white onions. Then using a cotton keep this lotion near their anus.


For severe headache onion juice is an effective home remedy. Take 1/2 cup of onion juice. To get relax from headache massage this juice below your foots.

Piles (Haemorrhoids)

Fry 10 gram chopped onions with Desi Ghee. Once onions are cooked well mix 10 gram rock sugar and 10 gram black Sesame Seeds. Consume this mixer on a regular basic daily for 2 months. This treatment can cure Piles.


Boils are very painful. To get rid from boil take some chopped onions, fry them. While the chopped onions are little warm, keep it on Boil. Then using a cotton handkerchief bandage the boil. Do this twice a day once in morning and once in evening. This practice cures boils.

Energy Booster

Take 1 kg small size of onions. Remove their upper cover, roots and stem. Then cut all the onions 4 pieces each. In a pan boil 1 litter original honey. Put all those onion pieces. 3 to 4 times boil it to the maximum level of pan. Then switch off the gas and keep boiled onion in room temperature. Once it get cool keep in a glass jar. Everyday before going to sleep at night eat 2 pieces of onions from the jar. This therapy looks simple one but it is very effective and powerful. Using this home remedy you can increase your energy level and stamina.

Gum Bleeding

If you are suffering with gum bleeding or teeth pain then take the benefits of onion. Take one medium size onion and grind it to make paste. Brush your teethes using this paste. If you are doing this twice a day, gum related problems will cure.

In place of Dog Bite

No matter, which type of dog bite the patient, first as a home remedy give 40 gram onion juice to drink. In place of injury apply onion paste and in your nasal whole take 8 to 10 drops of onion juice. Keep this doing for next 12 hours from the time of dog bite. This home remedy destroy poison of dog, snake and cancer.

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