How to increase Sperm Count using Diets & Vitamins?

Sperms are the seed of Origin. Sperm count is the concentration of sperm that should be measurable in a given sample. She hold sperms to produce your baby. Healthy & well fertilize sperms helps to conceive fast. Normally in the matter of late pregnancy we do pointing to the female body. Keep remember to conceive a baby both the partner are equally responsible. In case of male low Sperm count is a major problem of late pregnancy. Due to several causes we lost quality sperms. Low sperm counts or poor sperm motility happens due to environmental toxins such as chemicals, drugs, radiation, smoking & excessive alcohol use. Read below paragraphs to know “How to increase Sperm Count Naturally?”.

Control in Intercourse

Sperms required time to fertilize. Forget about the initial days, in the mid age of life-time do intercourse twice a week. You can choose any two day of a week by maintaining 3 days gap. You can go for Monday & Friday. During the menstrual cycle don’t do intercourse. By nature this 7 days give stability to increase the density of your sperms. Which indirectly affects the volume of sperm count. Better sperm count mean more chance to conceive.

Do Yoga & Assans

Regular blood flow to lower abdomen area help to increase sperm counts. To improve your sperm count I will suggest you to do AGNISAAR KRIYA, HALASANA, SETUBANDHASANA, DHANURASANA, ASHWANI MUDRA, BHASTRIKA PRANAYAM. Refer to Charak Samhita these yoga’s give ability to improve your sperm density. Regular exercise helps to reduce stress. Stress free living improves sperm counts. Heat damages sperm health. Avoid hot-tubs & tight underwear.

Stop Smoking & Alcohols

If you are a social drinker or smoker it is some what OK. But if you are taking Alcohol & Cigarettes regularly protect you from this habits. These habits damage sperm count. Alcohol affects kidney & kidney affect in sperm production.

Increase Sperm Count using Diets

One drop of sperm is equivalent to thirty drops of blood. To generate more sperms you need to improve your diet system. Give priority to eat foods like those are rich with iron & amino acids. You can take some example of spinach, seaweed, sunflower seeds, egg whites & poultry. Add protein rich foods to your regular diet. Some of the protein rich foods are Oysters, Goat Meat, Red Meat, Beans, Nuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds & Avocados. To improve your sperm count give priority to eat Antioxidant vitamins C, E and B12. Eat folic acid rich foods like Broccoli, Asparagus, Green beans, Oranges, Green leafy vegetables. Avoid plastic containers to storage foods. Give priority to eat organic foods. Avoid pesticides and herbicides. Stop to eat chlorinated foods use hydrogen peroxide as an alternative.

Increase Sperm Count using Vitamins & Minerals

To improve sperm motility & concentration you can take vitamins like antioxidants, the amino acid, L-Carnitine & minerals like zinc. L-Carnitine plays a vital role in spermatogenesis & sperm development. In place of antioxidants you can take Vitamins like E & C. Foods rich with antioxidants can dramatically improve male reproductive system & boost sperm counts. Few of the antioxidants foods are green leafy vegetables, broccoli, carrots, citrus, kale, cauliflower & yams. Take supplements like FertilAid for Men. FertilAid increased both sperm motility & counts.

Home Remedies to increase Sperm motility

Onion is very effective to increase sperm motility and concentration. Take 2 medium size onions. Grind and prepare onion juice. Mix 2 spoon of original honey and 1 spoon Desi Ghee. Then mix this mixer well. Regularly on daily basis once in morning and once in evening consume this. This home remedy helps to develop more sperms and cures sperm related infections. Which helps in conceive faster.

Practice to drink buffalo milk with 1 spoon of Ashwagandha Powder every night for 30 to 45 days, this simple Ayurveda home remedy is very effective in increasing sperm count and motility.