Best Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids Treatments (Piles)

Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels that form in and around the area of anus. Hemorrhoids become inflamed as the time passes by. The initial stage of piles is termed as hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are cushions of tissues that take their formation in the anal canal. When these hemorrhoids cushions become too big, the situation becomes a critical one. Such a critical problem is none other than piles. Piles can be of various sizes. It is classified in two parts internal and eternal. Internal piles occur and take their placement in the internal canal of anus. Typically they occur from 2 to 4 cm above the opening of the uterus. External hemorrhoids occur on the outside edge of the anus. The most common type of piles is internal piles. It is very commonly found among people. The possibilities of catching up with hemorrhoids do not depend upon any sort of ageing factor. In fact, hemorrhoids can happen to anyone. Refer to Ayurveda there are many Home remedies for Hemorrhoids Treatments. Let us discuss them in below.

However chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, pregnancy, lifting heavy weights, etc… form the key reasons of suffering from piles. Diet also plays a vital role in causing hemorrhoids and in preventing hemorrhoids at the same time.

People who take fewer fluids in diet are most likely to suffer from piles. Also depending on processed foods is also a major reason of increasing piles among people. A low fiber diet or less fluid intake can cause constipation which can contribute to hemorrhoids. Low fiber intake promotes straining while passing stool and also during urinating. The symptoms of piles may include bleeding from the anus, anus itching, discharge, pain during bowel movements, pain or swelling in and around the anus. Piles can be treated in various ways. There are several ways of treating piles. They include home remedies, medications and surgery. The best way is to start with some effective home remedies which can treat piles. Here are some natural home remedies for seeking relief from piles.

Natural Home remedies for hemorrhoids

Onion, Rock Sugar and black Sesame Seeds

Everyday Fry 10 gram chopped onion with desi Ghee. Then mix 10 gram rock sugar and 10 gram black Sesame Seeds. While consuming this chew well. Regular practice of this home remedy cures Hemorrhoids (Piles).

Use Radish

An effective treatment: Radish juice is considered as an effective home remedy for piles. Anyone can start with drinking only one fourth cup of radish juice and then gradually increase the volume of intake. Drinking this twice can help in relieving from piles.

Dry figs for easy bowel movements

Soak three or four dried figs in water and keep them overnight. Have these twice a day along with the water in which they have soaked can help.


Pomegranate juice is considered as fastest way of treatment or recovering from bleeding piles. Drinking pomegranate juice twice a day can help. Even canned juice of pomegranate can also be used. Not only in this way, boiling the peel of pomegranate fruit in water and drinking that water of peel in morning as well as evening is the best home remedy of piles. Pomegranate fruit is homeostatic which means it has the ability of stopping problems occurring from piles.

Drinking buttermilk can cure piles

Buttermilk is prescribed by many traditional practitioners for getting fast relief from piles. There is no need to go outside for buying Butter milk as it is easy to prepare at home. Try spicy herbal butter milk by adding rock salt, peppercorn powder and ginger powder, thus consuming it twice in a day. This will amazingly reduce pain that is caused due to piles. Carom seeds in butter milk can also help in curing piles. Take one fourth spoon of carom seeds powder and add it in butter milk. Drinking twice in a day will surely solve the pile problem.

Amazing effects of dried mango seeds

Dried mango seeds are also used in curing piles. Having two spoons of powder of dried mango seeds by mixing with honey on a daily basis can treat the piles.

Well known healing property of turmeric

Everybody knows that turmeric is antiseptic and has healing properties. Therefore, eating a teaspoon of ground turmeric root can prevent and cure piles.

Use of coconut water

Application of coconut water on the affected areas can help and relieve a person in burning and itching from piles.

Juices of bitter gourd are also effective

Drinking bitter gourd juice mixed with butter milk early in the morning can treat the piles.

Ripe bananas also does miracle in piles

Mix one ripe mash banana in a cup of milk and have this mixture three or four times in a day. This will help in reducing pain from piles.

These are the wonderful hemorrhoids treatment that anyone can try at home. Home remedies do not have any side effects until a person is not allergic to anything. If the patient has some medical problems then it is advisable to consult the doctor before undertaking these remedies.