Boost your Online Sales with These 5 Helpful Tips

Many commercial websites have a high ranking in search engines and a lot of traffic, and still face low conversion rates when it comes to online sales. Reasons for this could be anything from prices to website design and security. There are various methods that you can use that aren’t necessarily hard to incorporate. Here are 5 tips that can help you get on your way towards boosting your online sales.

Instill a sense of urgency

While it is important for you to be honest and transparent when presenting yourself and your product to your customers, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a sense of urgency in order to compel them to buy something from your right away. Many customers have a positive response to incentives such as: a limited-time price discount where they have to buy before a given date in order to qualify, additional free bonuses if they buy during a certain period, and limited edition products that come only in a smaller amount. The best way to place these offers is close to the end of your sales letter and near the call to action.

Add relevant upsells

An upsell is a sales method where you offer your customers the chance to buy upgrades such as better features or better specifications, or to get the more expensive version of the product, in order for you to maximize the value of their purchase. Make a list of the products you sell, separate them into two lists: the regular ones and the ones that are more expensive, then tie them together. Finally, add a section in your product page where your upsells are shown. Some pages tend to show cross-sells (similar items to the product you’re selling) together with upsells, and this could also be a good method for you to have a bigger impact in your sales. It is essential that you offer items that can add value or improve the UX of your customers.

Implement customer testimonials and trust signals

In today’s world of social media, customer feedback is vital to your success. This means that a satisfied customer can provide you with an extremely valuable tool – his testimonial. A large number of satisfied customers is more influential than even your best-written sales copy, so you need to include testimonials and reviews from your most loyal customers. Have them appear on your product pages, pricing pages, landing pages, and even your home page. Incorporating trust signals like this is a great way to increase your online sales, because it creates a more favorable perception of your brand. If your business has any professional accreditation’s, you should put these signals front and center on your website.

Pay attention to your website design

It is of no surprise that your website design is essential to the success of your online marketing. According to WordPress developers from Sydney, a well-designed website is easy to understand and navigate, and therefore, by helping your customers find what they need, it takes you one step closer to making a sale. The design needs to highlight what is important, but also lead the customer to secondary items. There are various ways you can do this, but you should also keep in mind that a good design creates trust and therefore guides your customers to take action. Your site’s navigation needs to be logical and consistent, or else your visitors will leave. Of course, coding standards and cross-platform compatibility are as essential as the looks. A good idea for a CMS for your website is WordPress, as it offers a large variety of plugins, while being user-friendly with a good schema markup.

Optimize for mobile

It is vital that your website is optimized for mobile, as mobile search has already eclipsed desktop search so much that it matters. You need to make it as easy as possible for mobile visitors to buy your product. This may require an extensive re-modelling of your design, or launching a separate mobile site. Navigation and UX are vital elements of a good mobile experience. Your pages should load as fast as possible and your navigation should be logical. Don’t ask for too much information, only what is truly necessary for you to make a sale. Allow your customers to return to their carts later, even on another device. Don’t expect them to convert right away, but they might do so later, if you make it easy enough for them to do so.

Final words

The only way you can be sure that your methods are working is by implementing changes and testing for results. Your way to success is paved with trial and error. If you take a leap and try out these tips, you’ll see how true this is, when in the bottom line you start seeing an immense improvement in your sales.