Whether Amlapitta or Metrorrhagia or Piles take the benefits of Cumin

Cumin is a flowering plant of Apiaceae family. Botanical name of Cumin is “Cuminum Cyminum”. Generally we use Cumin seeds for Cuisines of many different cultures. After Kitchen Cumin plant is popular as a Traditional Medicinal Plant. Many critical illness can be cured using Cumin. In this session for all those housewives who uses Cumin everyday let us share some Health benefits of Cumin. Origin of medicines are plants. Let us know how to use them for a healthy living.

Increase Breast Milk

For breastfeeding mom’s Cumin is a best natural resource to increase breast milk. It was noticed after new born many mothers not able to produce sufficient milk for their baby. In such case it is advisable to eat raw Cumin powder with bread or rice at-least 4 to 6 times (2 spoons each) in a week. In result from the 2nd week on-wards you will produce sufficient milk for your newborn.

An other way is take some 100 gram Cumin and fry it well with 100 gram Ghee. Then grind the mixer and add 50 gram rock sugar powder. Everyday in morning and evening take 1 spoon of this powder with little warm cow milk. If you will continue this home remedy I don’t think your newborn required any other source for milk.


Mix 20 gram Cumin powder with 250 gram Cow milk. Keep the mixer for 3 hours in room temperature. Then boil it with slow flame until it looks gravy. For better taste add 20 gram rock sugar powder. Everyday morning take this as your breakfast. After this breakfast don’t drink water until 1 hour. In this way if you will continue for 21 days you will get cure from Metrorrhagia. Also this home remedy is helpful to increase hunger.

Getting bad smell from your Mouth?

Getting bad smell from mouth is a common problem. To get rid from this many of us are using various Mouth Fresheners. As you know using Mouth Fresheners you can avoid the smell but it will not cure the problem. Rather going for medicine or any mouth freshener why not we will try some home remedies.

Take some 100 gram Cumin. Fry it and make dry. Add same amount of black salt and grind the mixer to the shape of powder. Daily 2 times, Once in morning and Once in evening use this powder to brush your teethes. This practice can cure bad smell problem from your mouth.

Stop Vomiting during Pregnancy

During pregnancy Vomiting is a common problem. To get rid from Vomiting Cumin is very effective. If you are getting Vomiting then take some Cumin and add black salt. Then take this mixer 1/2 spoon twice a day.

Get relief from Amlapitta

Take the same amount of Cumin and Rock Sugar. Grind it to powder. Keep it in a dry place. Everyday in empty stomach make a practice to eat 1 spoon of this powder with normal water. This habit cure’s Amlapitta.

Feeling burning Sensation during Urination

Take the same amount of Cumin and Rock Sugar. Grind it to powder. Keep it in a dry place. Everyday in empty stomach make a practice to eat 1 spoon of this powder with cold water. This cure’s burning Sensation during Urination.


Grind Cumin with little water. Prepare a paste. Put that near to your ass whole. Then Sit cool for a hour. This home remedy is effective to stop bleeding from Piles. Also it give relax from pain.

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