Bananas to Sweet potatoes like 10 Stamina Boosting Foods

The body is like a car; it needs fuel to stay energized. We need to provide the best quality of fuel for the body health and optimal performance. The stamina that we use for everyday activity or workout depends on the amount and quality of the foods that we eat. Foods have a different function for the body, for example Vitamin C, Proteins, Complex Carbohydrate and Fiber is beneficial to make the body stay active and energetic. While some other foods may be great for a quick burst. Studying the simple food science is important to provide only the best quality of food for the body. So, you can eat right and the body receives only the substance it needs. If you are looking for a natural way on how to increase stamina, here are some super foods which are long been known for stamina booster.


It is not surprising that banana is in the first list since this fruit is among the favorite among run athletes. This is the perfect food to consume around 30 minutes before endurance race because it is high in potassium and carbohydrate complex. Eating bananas prior exercising will minimize cramping as well as promotes the cardiovascular system. Bananas also contain natural fructose or fruit sugar and fiber. Therefore, this tropical fruit is the best food when you need instant energy booster before a bike ride, long run, swim, and another exercise.


If you think that there is no vegetable for energy booster; you are so wrong. Kale, also called plant beef, is a leafy green which is packed with nutrients to boost athletic performance. It has calcium, fatty acid, and iron which are vital for boosting stamina and endurance. This vegetable also contains Vitamin C, A, and B6 to boost the sexual desire as well. You can add kale to a morning smoothie or saute it with little olive oil and garlic. You body indeed will thank you for the sufficient nutrients from kale. If you indulge in hard training, make sure to add kale into the diet.

Sweet potatoes

Bodybuilder and athletes prefer sweet potatoes for a post-workout meal to keep the body energy up while body fat down. Sweet potato is a starchy carb which is hypoallergenic. It works as a catalyst for the protein to be able enters the muscle tissue and starts rebuild/repair process when eaten for post workout meal. You can eat bake or steam the medium or small size sweet potatoes after a workout.


Oatmeal is a kind of complex carbohydrate contains only the goodness. It provides constant energy and promotes blood-sugar regulations. The body will digest oatmeal slowly which results in keeping blood sugar in normal level. Also, oatmeal helps the body avoid a crash after faster carbohydrate burning. Eating a bowl of oatmeal is enough to give continuous energy for all day long.


Even if you have a hard time pronounce the name, quinoa is among the most respected foods for the availability and complex nutrition. It is grainy super food and also gluten free. Quinoa contains a high-level high level of carbohydrate and proteins as well as nine kinds of essential amino acids which are all important for human body function. The benefits of quinoa have been known for centuries among athletes. Even the Inca also used quinoa to increase the stamina of warriors in order to help them able running long distance. In addition, the super food is the source of magnesium, iron, manganese, potassium, calcium, and also zinc. To top it off, quinoa is very versatile for serving; you can just combine them with any meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are planted with highest natural complete protein. Even though there are others plants such as beans or peanut butter, but those contain incomplete protein. Meaning you still have to combine it with other nutritional food for complete benefit. Chia seeds have already packed with complete nutrients which work best to raise the energy levels. The Mayans and Aztecs have been long known consuming this little whole grain for centuries as their main energy source. You can chia seeds to your smoothies, baked goods or cereals to give an extra boost that you will need for maximal exercise.


Beetroot is rich in nitrate which promotes the release of nitric oxide. This substance is crucial for blood flow regulation as well as reduces the required oxygen amount during exercise. The nitric oxide promotes blood vessel widening or vasodilation, calcium, and glucose homeostasis, muscle contractility, and also mitochondrial respiration. All of this benefits work as magic for boosting performance, stamina, and endurance. You can consume beetroot in juice form to get the most vitamins and nutrients.

Coconut water

Before landing your choice to a commercial energy drink, consider the coconut water. It is the best natural energy drink that has ever found. It contains the minerals and vitamins which are crucial to keeping you hydrated. Drink coconut water before and during exercise to get the beneficial minerals with less liquid volume.


Spinach contains loads of iron which is beneficial to prevent fatigue. The vegetable is rich in nitrates similar to beetroots which act as energy factories in the cell. Spinach is able to release instant energy and also improve the stamina. You surely know why Popeye always eat spinach when in need of instant energy. Then, think like Popeye whenever you need that extra energy; just eat spinach and you are good to go.


Chicken is a good source of lean protein. It promotes muscle development and growth as well as beneficial for weight loss. That is exactly the benefits that you are looking for. Chicken helps increase the energy and stamina levels and keeping you energized and satisfied all day long. In addition, it is also beneficial to reduce the stress level, promotes bone health, increase the immune system, and it tastes good. You just need to make sure to cook it in the right way to keep the nutrition and avoid additional fat like when you deep fry.

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