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Today, JHARAPHULA has announced the launch of its recently unveiled information portal. The site covers topics from A like Animals to Z like Zoology. Unlike most informational sites, JHARAPHULA focuses on providing the most accurate information available on the web.

The makers of JHARAPHULA provide information which are categorized in many categories. Niches such as Health Tips, Beauty Tips, Celebrities, Women’s to Know, Real Estate, Good Lessons for Kids, Career & Recipes are just a few out of many others to chose from.

“The name JHARAPHULA is a keyword from the deep of Jungle. She has a beautiful smell but she is unknown for her rural presence. Like those talents, who born in a village & dissolve there. The flower jharaphula comes with group.”, the site’s spokesperson commented.

The portal JHARAPHULA has been built using the latest web technologies and contains more than 26 categories with useful and unique content. The site currently supports more than 90 languages to ensure visitors from all-over the world can get access to its content.

Additionally the site can also be accessed using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This enables mobile visitors to get access to the site’s valuable content without barriers.

The site also participates in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. Readers are also able to bookmark contents using various services such as Delicious. Additionally readers are also able to comment on available information.