Health Care tips for Children below 9 Years

Taking Care of a Children is one of the major duty to their parents. Healthy family is a Happy family. Family looks beautiful with Children. Children are our future. From education to attitude we need to trained our Children. Children are like a fresh plant. How much we will take care they will grow according. You observed if anything going wrong with your Child health, its a big tension for you & your partner. Before illness it better to prevent this. So in this article I decided to share some major Health Care tips for your Children.

1. Keep your Children always clean. Make them a habit to take bath regularly. Practice to Cut their nail twice in a month.

2. In the matter of teeth problems you know children are rich. Protect them to eat more chocolates. Brush two times a day. Generally once in morning & once before into bed at night. Advise your Children to don’t take sugar based foods at night. If occasionally your Children take sweets at night brush well before into bed.

3. Before take food advice your Children to wash their hands well.

4. Protect your Children from Digital Display. Limit them for watching TV, Computer or Video Games. I can suggest don’t allow your Child to watch digital display more then 3 hours a day.

5. Provide Hygienic foods to your Children.

6. Help your Child to do Yoga’s and Meditations. It has a beautiful impact for your Child future.

7. Keep First Aid box at your home. In-case of emergency start treatments immediately.

8. Monthly once use ear drops for your Children.

9. Child stage is the age to develop brain & health. With normal foods provide fruits for your Children.

10. Advice your Kids to drink enough water.