Health Care tips for Children below 9 Years

Taking Care of a Children is one of the major duty to their parents. Healthy family is a Happy family. Family looks beautiful with Children. Children are our future. From education to attitude we need to trained our Children. Children are like a fresh plant. How much we will take care they will grow according. You observed if anything going wrong with your Child health, its a big tension for you & your partner. Before illness it better to prevent this. So in this article I decided to share some major Health Care tips for your Children.

* Keep your Children always clean. Make them a habit to take bath regularly. Practice to Cut their nail twice in a month.

* In the matter of teeth problems you know children are rich. Protect them to eat more chocolates. Brush two times a day. Generally once in morning & once before into bed at night. Advise your Children to don’t take sugar based foods at night. If occasionally your Children take sweets at night brush well before into bed.

* Before take food advice your Children to wash their hands well.

* Protect your Children from Digital Display. Limit them for watching TV, Computer or Video Games. I can suggest don’t allow your Child to watch digital display more then 3 hours a day.

* Provide Hygienic foods to your Children.

* Help your Child to do Yoga’s and Meditations. It has a beautiful impact for your Child future.

* Keep medic-box at your home. In-case of emergency start treatments immediately.

* Monthly once use ear drops for your Children.

* Child stage is the age to develop brain & health. With normal foods provide fruits for your Children.

* Advice your Kids to drink enough water.

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