SEMrush Review – Top Reasons to Use SEMrush for Online Marketing

Today, online marketing has become an important strategy to ensure success of a business. Many entrepreneurs have started to incorporate SEMrush tool to their online marketing campaign. If you are wondering what is SEMrush, it is an effective keyword research tool which has an updated database of around 35 million keywords and long tail keyword phrases which are used for driving traffic to the websites. The data available in this tool is pulled from the organic search results of Google and from Google Adwords. It is one of the most appropriate keyword research tools available for the webmasters. There are several benefits that one can reap from SEM rush tool and they includes.

  • Evaluating organic positions of the competitors
  • Studying competitor’s ad texts
  • Domain based keyword ranking
  • Position tracking
  • Finding long tail keywords
  • Comparison of various SEO metrics
  • Comparison of domains
  • Organic research
  • Backlinks
  • Keyword research and many more

Organic Data

SEMrush is known to track a huge amount of organic Data in Bing and Google Search engine result page. This lets you to see the exact ranking of your competitors in the top 20 positions in Google and Bing SERP for more than 100 million organic keywords.

Evaluate Competitor’s Ad Texts

The semrush tool provides you with a platform for viewing the competitor ad data by using their elaborate and specific accurate Ad data. Even ads can be tracked through Bing and Google using a wide range of data sets and metrics such as competition score, traffic, positions, ad text, CPC and many more.

Competitors Ad Data

It is also possible to view the competitor’s ads using SEMrush. All you need is to just have a look at the call to action used by your competitors and the types of deals that they are offering. With this information, you can create effective ads for your own PPC campaigns. This tool also lets you to evaluate the offers that bring traffic to the competitor’s sites and to make changes accordingly to drive the traffic. If you derive an effective campaign, you can get a bigger market value.

Finding Good Long Tail Keywords

SEMrush tool is known to provide accurate, abundant and appropriate keyword data. It can track over more than 100 million keywords in a huge number of databases for both domestic and international version of Bing and Google.

Finding Report For Long Tail Keywords

With SEMrush, you can view the complete report of the long tail keywords and you can export them on to the excel spread sheet. Long tail keywords are simply longer when compared to typical keywords. You can get report on the competition for the specific long tail keywords. The report includes details about whether the keyword phrase is having high supply or not. If there is a high supply, then the competition will be higher. SEMrush allows you to see the examples of long tail keywords and let you to feed them into excel spreadsheet. You can get report on average monthly searches and approximate cost per click.

Competitor Research

SEMrush can be used for reviewing the activities of your competitors online. You can find the top keywords used by your competitors and discover the areas where they are strong enough to beat you in the search. With SEMrush Online marketing Tool, you can find out the leading 20 pages that rank higher for specific keywords. Rather than focusing on specific competitors, you can give consideration to the keywords that reveal out other competitors ranking higher in the SERP.

Keyword Research ForPPC Campaign Or Organic Visitors

Whether you are willing to build a PPC campaign or looking forward to increase the organic traffic, you can obtain the required information through SEMrush. This keyword research tool is having a database with more than 35 million keywords. With the available data, you can easily build effective marketing campaigns for outranking your competitors. You will also get an idea on what your target market is searching for.

Keyword Difficulty Tool

SEMrush includes a keyword difficulty tool which allots a number to every keyword and reveals how difficult it is to rank the website using it. Typically, high traffic keyword phrases will be given the bigger number. It is important to gather this information, especially while creating additional pages for the website or redesigning your site. This tool also helps in putting together the right strategy for picking up the keyword phrases with lower competition and phrases that let you to reach an umpteen number of people searching for your products.

There are several other reasons that dictate why SEMrush for online marketing has been the preferred choice for a wide range of business entrepreneurs and marketers. Spending time and money on SEM rush tool makes your online marketing campaign more effective.