Why is ASINspector a boon for Amazon?

Keyword research tools have their shares of pros and cons. If you take a look at the market today, you will find there are several keyword research tools. However, ASINspector stands out for its features and ease of use. This tool is the first choice when it comes to researching for keywords on Amazon. This is why SEO experts prefer using it and refer it to their clients who are selling their products on Amazon.

What does it do and why it is popular today?

This popular research tool will gather information from the search results of Amazon, and it places the information in a table that carries all the salient features of the product. Here, you will be able to find prime information in a tabular form like the selling price, the information of the seller like FBA, AMZ or FBM. The research tool ASINspector is compatible only with the Google Chrome extension, and it works on Unix, Mac, and Windows computers- in short on every computer where you can install Google Chrome.

Understanding the user interface

When it comes to understanding the user interface, you will find that he or she clicks the extension of this popular keyword research tool, a new window opens, and you can find that the tool collects all the information about the product that you should know. The user interface is very friendly, and it mostly helps you to understand the data you need for evaluating market performance. You should be aware the status of the products that you sell on Amazon and the like. It is crucial for you to have a clear picture as to what your targeted audience wants and which products are selling well on the website.

Get a better view of the costs of the products

If you are looking for a better picture of the expenses that are involved in product research, you will find that this tool gives you dimensions about the package, its weight, the fees for FBA and other actions. You will be able to understand the costs of shipping better. It is important for you to know about the upfront expenses that are charged. The FBA fee gives you an idea on the fees that Amazon will charge you. In case, you require a breakdown of the fees; you will find there is a column that gives you just that. You have the option to buy the pro version or the standard version of the tool depending upon your needs.

Therefore, if you are looking for a top-quality keyword research tool for your e-commerce needs, you will find that ASINspector is a perfect choice. It is simple for the user to access and you get all the information you are looking for from a single source. However, if you are looking for child variations, this tool will give you no details about it. This is the only disadvantage you will get when you rely on it for understanding product selling information and data.