Facebook for Business to drive massive visitors to your Blog

Facebook is a platform where millions of users interacting everyday. It is one of the most powerful Social Networking site in the Globe. If you are a blog owner, Do you ever think if you can drive massive visitors from Facebook how much you can earn from your blog. Recently during Social media optimization I did that for my blog. You don’t believe now a day I am sharing my maximum time in Facebook marketing. I am very happy to say Facebook is a beautiful place to get free quality visitors. To help you here I am sharing the tricks behind Facebook for Business marketing.

Create Your Business Page

To create your business or brand page you don’t need to pay a single coin. Facebook pages are free. Take an example of our page https://www.facebook.com/OneStop-Shop-107136010702027. Create like the similar page for your Business. While creating a page try to use your business name. In-case if you found that keyword is not available take some mixed keyword with the brand name. For an example if your Brand name is “Philips” but it is not available then choose something like “Philips2000”.

On page setting fill the information’s like your business Name, location & website. After created a Facebook page upload an attractive Cover page photo with resolution 851px x 315px. Keep remember while user will visit your Facebook page Cover photo appears first. Highlight your brand name in Cover photo. Don’t include Contact information’s. Then upload your business logo with resolution 160px x 160px. For an example look at our Facebook page below.

Invite your Friends, Family & Colleagues

Once you are successfully created your Facebook page invite all your friends, family members & colleagues. Ask them to like & share your page in their network. This process helps to gain massive traffic in less time.

Share attractive Posts

In your Facebook page share attractive posts. In place of sharing only link prefer to use eye catching images plus link. It was observed image based posts attracts more visitors compare to only link. You may noticed while sharing a link Facebook display the first paragraph of the link content. That’s why always in your content keep the first paragraph interesting. It helps to improve rate of Click on your post.

Ask others to Like you page

Facebook like means who like your page he will receive every updates you post on your page. To gain more like you can share your Facebook link in Public Groups. There are many groups to improve Facebook likes. Join these public Groups & Share your Facebook page link there with interesting massage.

If instantly you want to increase your Facebook likes you can purchase like from SEO professionals. For an example check in market place Fiver there are many SEO experts sharing thousand likes for only 5 dollars. More like means more audience.

An another way to increase Facebook like is share Facebook like box on your blog. While a visitor will read your blog if he/she like your site he/she can like you in Facebook. In this way you can have more likes from global visitors.

Import Contacts

Facebook provides the facility to import contact details from your mail account. Off course in your mail account you have many old contacts. Facebook import contact facility helps you to locate those contacts in Facebook. This activity help to gain more fans with less number of time. Using this facility your can get massive permanent followers.

Connect your Facebook page with Twitter

Like Facebook Twitter is one more popular Social Networking site. To save time Facebook provides facility to join your Twitter account with Facebook. By joining twitter account all the posts you post in Facebook they will automatically shared to your twitter followers. No need to login Twitter or to share the same post there. It’s like in one arrow you can grab traffic from both the popular Social medias. It saves time.

Share variety of Posts

Don’t limited your posting to your own domain specific. Share interesting things in your page. This practice helps to get more traffics to your page. Variety of posts inspire users to share your page with others. While posting other post rather then yours focus on News, Celebrities or attractive Contents. Always remember your Facebook page need to share information those are most demanded.

Link your Facebook page with your Profile

You must have your own Facebook page. Link your Business page to your Facebook portal. In this way your network peoples can get connected to your business page. Sometime during a visitor visit your portal he/she can visit your business page.

Facebook Advertising

Among paid traffic service Facebook adverting play a great role. You can use the power of Facebook advertising. In this way you can bring how much traffic you want. Set a budget how much you want to invest on daily advertisement. While creating Facebook ads focus on the image & caption you use. Attractive images & better caption brings more result.

These are the tricks using which you can grab massive traffic from Facebook. Try these techniques & share us in your Network.