6 Practiced Facebook Ad Design Tips to Increase Conversion

No matter whether you are running ads or just getting started, the actionable tips on Facebook ads can gear you in the right direction for maximizing conversion. Facebook is ranked as the best social media website for driving higher conversion that makes creating effective Facebook ads so much important. Given are a few tips from the professional Facebook ad agency that will help to convert the next Facebook ad campaign into a huge success. Consumer trends are constantly changing, and it is hard to keep up. Here are some favorite Facebook ad design trends.

1. Embrace your Custom Audiences

In the marketing toolkit, you might have the list of your customer and lead email addresses. Maybe you send the monthly newsletter and occasional promotional offer. But, there is a lot more than you will do with the email list. Facebook enables you to create custom audiences based on emails linked with specific Facebook accounts. An idea is, presumably, a user signed up for Facebook with an email account. Also, we have the entire post that will help you master the Facebook custom audiences that offer complete information.

2. Make Eye-catching Visuals

This takes just a few seconds for your user’s eye to select where to land over the webpage. The use of eye-catching and creative imagery improves your chances that they will land onto your ad. Generally, the first impressions will be informed by the design, thus treat your visuals as you will a handshake.

3. Ad Placement must inform the Design

The Facebook ad placement will be very important as an ad format. The ad placement decides the amount of space that you have, or designing without the ad specs will be disastrous. To select the right ad placement for the objectives, you must know what the options are.

4. Choose the right Image Size

When you have started Facebook Ad Design, you have to ensure your images and video are the right size & aspect ratio. The poorly formatted images and videos will be distorted, difficult to see, and grainy. If you have the right aspect ratio, then you will fit in the information that you want as well as avoid any wasted space and awkward margins. If you want help keeping proper track of the aspect ratios & recommended sizing on the Facebook ads, don’t forget to bookmark this guide on Facebook ad sizes, and you will not make this mistake again.

5. Select right Ad Formats

Once you start creating the Facebook ad campaign, you will discover different ad formats. Just like choosing the campaign goal, choosing the perfect ad type can help you to reach the correct audience & engage them in the right way. Many options can be a bit overwhelming, thus make sure you know about some commonly used types & when you must use them.

6. Ensure Pixel is Working

Another biggest mistake that beginner users make isn’t setting up the pixel rightly. It is a big deal knowing that your pixel will be responsible to relay your visitor data to Facebook. Thus, you have to ensure it is installed rightly & firing.