6 On-Page SEO Tips to Skyrocket your Google Ranking

One of the favorite jokes of every SEO expert goes like this: “What is the best place to hide a dead body? The page 2 of Google search results.” Now, we need to give some numbers in order to demonstrate how this is hardly a joke at all. According to one study, the first result of a Google search gets over 33 percent of the entire search traffic. Furthermore, over 50 percent of people find what they are looking for within first three results. Moreover 91 percent of users never go past page 1. The further you go the more drastic the differences get. Statistically speaking it is almost the same if your page is on the page 4 or the page 44. All in all, you need to get to the first page and you need to do so now. With this in mind, here are 6 best on-page SEO tips to skyrocket your rankings.

1. Meta Description

First things first, you need to remember to include your keywords in the meta description. Seeing how here you have only 160 characters, you need to find the best way to summarize what your page’s content is all about. However, this would mean that you have already done a thorough research of your optimal keywords. Another thing to keep in mind here is that you should use it as a call-to-action, in order to make it more engaging. Phrases like ‘get it now’ or ‘learn more’ are usually the first two that come to mind.

2. Pay Attention to Body Tags

According to one research, 8 out of 10 people on the internet never read past headlines. Because of this, you need to make sure that your headlines are so engaging that they at least inspire visitors to skim through the text. Nonetheless, in order to make this easier, you need to pay special attention to body tags of the text. By adequately using H1, H2 and H3 tags, you will make the content easier to go through for both your readers and search engine crawlers.

3. Internal Linking

Experts behind TOP SEO Adelaide claim that internal linking is probably the easiest and at the same time the most intuitive way to boost your website’s SEO rank. On one hand, it gives your visitors much smoother navigation through the website. At the same time, it enables this experience for Google crawlers, as well. In any case, it is a clear win-win scenario. There are several ways to do this, most prominently with the use of content links as well as with the help of permanent navigation links. The choice is yours.

4. Keyword Density

In some texts, it may be quite hard to resist overusing your keywords, however, this is something that is quite easy to sanction by search engines. According to some estimations, you should stick to these keywords being roughly 2 to 5 percent of your entire text. Those who believe this isn’t enough, need to do some math. If we take a lower value of 2 percent for a text that is 600 words long, this means that you would be allowed to use your keyword 12 times. Ask yourself, is there really need for more?

5. Take a Closer Look at Your Contents

If there is one thing that Google absolutely hates it is a duplicate content. Because of this, sticking to original images, articles and videos is highly recommended for all those who want to improve their SEO status. However, just sticking to something that was never published before cannot be enough on its own. You also need to post something that brings value to your clients and to thoroughly check the facts mentioned in the content. Posting false information can earn you a bad reputation in no time.

6. Going Mobile

In 2015 Google has officially announced that the number of mobile searches has finally grown larger than that made from desktop setups. It is completely logical that Google ranking metrics had to follow in suit. Because of this, optimizing your website for mobile is probably one of the most important items on this list.

In Conclusion

All in all, both search engines and users want same things: quality content and better overall browsing experience. All you need to do in order to improve your on-page SEO is to follow up on these two simple principles. For this, any of the above mentioned six tips will do. This way, you will in no time get your way to a page 1 of Google search results.