Luminous Audie Fan – The modern Buzzword in Home Cooling

Ceiling fans have come a long way. From being those mechanical pankhas that required a pankhawalas to operate them, to the latest IoT enabled smart fans that can be smartly controlled using a remote, mobile or even voice command, the ceiling fans have gone through a complete makeover. And if you are planning to buy a new ceiling fan, it makes sense to consider buying a smart fan that will not just make life easier but will also spruce up your home’s decor. One such fan that you must check out is the Luminous Audie smart ceiling fan.

What makes the Luminous Audie so Smart?

The Luminous Audie is a smart IoT enabled ceiling fan. Unlike the regular ceiling fans that can be controlled only from the switchboard, the Luminous Audie can be remotely controlled from any part of your home or office. It has three smart control options that let you automatically control it.

Smartphone – The Luminous Audie can easily be controlled using a smartphone. All you need to do is download the Luminous SmartLife App that allows you to power it on/off and also lets you manage the fan speed on a 5 step dial.

Voice Command – Ever imagined controlling a ceiling fan with a simple voice command? You can now do that with the help of Alexa, a voice-controlled virtual assistant. Depending on your requirement, you can also create routines such as scheduling automatic ON or OFF.

Remote – The Luminous Audie can also be controlled using a remote. The remote gives you the option to turn on and turn off the fan. It also allows you to vary the speed of the fan.

Other Important Specifications

Sweep Size – The sweep size is a measure of the diameter of that circle covered by the fan when it is in motion. The sweep size of the Luminous Audie is 1200 mm (approx. 48 inches) which makes it a perfect fit for bed rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and studios with an area anywhere between 75 to 160 sq. feet

Air Delivery – It represents the quantum of air delivered by a ceiling fan and is measured in cubic meters per minute (CMM). Luminous fans, including the Audie, have an air delivery of around 230 CMM that makes them stand out from most fan brands.

Fan Speed – The Luminous Audie is a high speed fan that comes with a fan speed of 380 RPM (rotations per minute).

Power Consumption – The Audie just like other luminous fans is manufactured with superior material and is efficiently designed to consume low power. It consumes around 70 Watts of power.

Voltage – 220 – 240 V AC, 50 Hz

No of Blades – 3

Color – Mirage White

Warranty – 2 Years


If you are a fan of home automation and want to enhance the smartness quotient of your home then you must go for the Luminous Audie smart fan. Besides being a smart fan, it is a beautiful looking fan that comes with lustrous embellishments on the blades that will enhance your home’s decor. Also, the fan is designed to deliver a powerful performance and is reasonably priced which makes it a true value for your money.