Interior Design Ideas for Landlord with Small Spaces in Cities

Interior design is all about how we experience spaces. Cities all over the world are becoming more congested, and vertical living spaces in downtown areas, as well as low-cost suburban housing, have made for an excellent long-term solution. Small spaces are all the rage these days, especially for millennials who value experiences more than physical products.

Small spaces usually consist of residential areas less than 100sqm of living space – no matter if it’s in a condominium building, a duplex apartment, or rowhouses. These spaces tend to be cheaper to acquire, easier to maintain, and perfect as small investments for the future. Planning to get a small space of your own? Or you got one and looking for ways to spruce it up? Here are some expert recommendations to turn your small space more stylish:

Make your patio area double as an alfresco dining area

While most small spaces tend not to have a patio area, condominium units and low-cost houses generally have it just in case. Most of the time, these patios are located at the back, neglected because they weren’t necessarily given the day’s time to be more inviting. To remedy this, look for patio installation services in your locality and ask for quotes as well as general ideas.

A great tip is to turn your patio into an alfresco dining area so that when you have family, friends, or company over, you don’t cramp the living area. A small low table and a bench, plus outdoor storage cabinets should do, accented with plush piled-on pillows and moody lighting. A plant or two will give the space more pizzaz. It will also set the mood for a relaxing dinner date or sleepover with friends.

Use Mirrors to Brighten the Space

When used correctly, a strategically-placed mirror can turn a lifeless room into a brighter and cheerier space. It is particularly useful to put a long, narrow, horizontal mirror on the dining area’s wall-just above the buffet area if you have one. The same can be done in rooms, but pairing it with the right kind of lights, recessed or pin, will add to the effect.

One fantastic feature of mirrors is that it reflects light both from the inside and outside. It not only helps to brighten the mood, but it can also be a defining feature of the space. Treat it like you would a decor and see for yourself what it can do. It doesn’t hurt that mirrors are cheap!

Neutral tones are your friend

Every interior design article you’ll ever read will say that to make a space look more spacious, the use of white and white adjacent paint colors is vital. But a stark white wall and ceiling scream cheap, so paint with neutral tones instead. Think soft grays, beiges, and muted browns. Off-white colors like alabaster, eggshell, and even cream are great options as well.

Pair one main color with an accent, but make sure that the two colors don’t have high contrast. A nifty trick to remember when picking paint colors for small spaces is that the lesser contrast between your primary and accent colors, the more seamless space will look. For example, if you’ve decided on a soft gray, get the lighter or darker shade next to it as the accent.

A brownish fleshy beige always looks great when paired with cream-colored paints. It’s one of those colors that can serve as an outstanding background to any aesthetic. It will make bright-colored furniture pop while accenting muted-colored ones. Another great trick to take note of is that with neutral tones, adding texture in pillows, furniture, and tables will prevent the space from looking flat and uninspired.


Small spaces seem to be the future of heavily-populated cities around the globe. Owning one isn’t just trendy; it’s a lifestyle altogether. With the tricks listed above, you can create your dream space in a jiffy! So heed these tips now!