World Cup – A Sumptuous Treat for Cricket lovers

The ripples of uprising cheering sound shooting to ear-deafening intensity turning to a slow dwindle have already started ringing in the ears of the ardent cricket lovers as the days are back with a bang, with the World Cup 2015. It is that time of the year when irrespective of age, sex, profile, occasion, you find rave discussions about the ‘Dos and Donts’ for the national cricket team. People are seen chatting away at nooks and corners, voicing their unabashed opinions and suggestions. The stored away cricket bats and stumps are pulled out and the real game of watching and playing, in turns, begins with much gusto.

ICC World Cup: Icon of National Pride

The game of the world cup was started in the year 1975 in England which was known as the Prudential Cup. The 2015 world cup refreshes the flashback of the exciting games played in all the years that the world cup has been played. One can experience the fond memories and the nostalgia associated with the game of cricket, as and when, the earlier matches are telecast on the sports channels. The moment of holding the cup is filled with national pride, not only for the players, but for each and every citizen. Earlier days, the cricket attire would be pure white and a game consisting of 60 overs would be played. Those times, the victories and defeats were treated with equal fervor by the people, irrespective of the differences and tiffs amongst them. Most of the households then possessed transistors, and the cricket commentary was listened very intently in a mute atmosphere, with lunch and tea breaks coinciding with the game breaks.

Cricket Lovers: Passion Unlimited

The world cup 2015 which is the 11th one in the series is being played at the well- equipped stadiums across Australia and New Zealand, and fourteen countries are participating in the game. Cricket Fans and lovers from all over the world are seemingly flocking towards Australia and New Zealand. Recent news show a major hike in visa applications just ahead of the commencement of the tournament. Likewise, social sites have a plan in place, well ahead of their schedule, to boost up their revenues by roping in major brands to advertise, considering the ultimate popularity of the game. The quality of loving cricket runs in the blood, in most of the cricket playing countries. The game has such a tight spell and especially during the tournament; the fans go crazy watching, talking and almost living cricket. Leaves and escapes from work are planned well before the important matches in order to experience the game with friends and food. Restaurants announce deals – ensuring maximum orders and promote their brands during these days. Sometimes, it is amusing to watch grown-ups behave in a silly fashion under the influence of the game. Cricket lovers do all sorts of make-ups to show their absolute dedication towards the game and their country. Face painting and wearing shocking masks to garner attention to their zeal for the game. The cricket lovers do not stop here; there are extreme examples of losing self in the pursuit, as we hear and see about rare and daring acts undertaken by the cricket lovers and fans. Betting and challenging runs rife during these days involving friends, colleagues and bosses. Fights and debates over the games are driven to such extents that sometimes, the local authorities have to intervene to bring back the situation under control. There have been instances of suicide attempts due to a lost game by crazy cricket fans. Cricket, rather the world cup tournament rules over the important events in a life of a cricket lover. Important events like marriage and engagements have been re-scheduled by many cricket fans in the wake of World Cup Tournament. Even the top notch political leaders and business honchos share the enthusiasm for the world cup cricket tournament.

The news around this time hovers around how the work productions are delayed as the people are preoccupied with their cricket thoughts on the days when the actual matches are not there. Excitement reaches its peak in the final games as people start speculating about the teams who would end up playing the finals.

The last, the present and many more future generations owe the universal smiles and frowns, the extreme exaltations to the game called as ‘Cricket’. Let us be proactive and wish the game our best; long live Cricket….Amen.