Using Solar Panels? – Know how to maintain your Solar Panels

Buying solar panels for home is a hefty investment. This is why it is important to maintain them to make sure they provide long term benefits. Here we talk about a few tips that will help you maintain and take care of your solar panels.

How to Maintain your Solar Panels?

1. Do not keep your solar panels in the shade, as it can reduce the amount of energy produced. Solar panels become inefficient when they are kept away from sunlight.

2. Regularly monitor your solar panels and make sure that there’s a green light flashing on the inverter. If the light is not flashing, it is time to get the inverter checked.

3. Document the daily performance of your solar panels to ensure optimal maintenance. It is advisable to note down how much energy has been generated in a certain duration everyday. Make a different note for days that are particularly cloudy. You can also discuss with your manufacturer to figure out the best monitoring system for your solar panels.

4. Cleaning the solar panels regularly is very important for their optimal performance. You can also install automated cleaners that will clean your solar panels. Alternatively, you can schedule appointments with professionals to get your solar panels for home deep-cleaned.

However, it is not that difficult to clean your solar panels. You can clean them yourself too.

Cleaning Tips for Solar Panels

1. Invest in a good-quality solar panel cleaning kit. It will come in handy for cleaning your solar panels for home. These kits consist of biodegradable soap, wipers and other essentials that are needed to deep-clean your solar panels.

2. Another great tip is to clean solar panels for homes when they are moist or damp so any dustordirt that is stuck on them can be cleaned and wiped off easily.

3. Refrain from using an abrasive sponge or soap for cleaning your solar panel for home as this can scratch the glass. The easiest way to clean them is by using a soft rag or a biodegradable soap bar.

4. If you clean your solar panels regularly, simply dusting the panels with a dry soft cloth should be enough. You can run the deep-cleaning routine every now and then to make sure everything is spic-and-span.

5. For your safety and that of others around you, always use a long-handled wiper while cleaning the panels. Also, make sure you’re always standing on the ground while cleaning it.

6. If you absolutely need to get on the roof, you must take proper care once you start cleaning. The roof can become slippery and can cause accidents. You can also use safety ropes or a harness for support.

Safety Tips for Solar Panels for Homes

Get a Solar Charge Controller – Getting a solar charge controller is essential to the safety of your solar panel system. This controller regulates the voltage coming from the solar panels and keeps the batteries from getting overcharged. This keeps your solar panels for homes safe. They come in-built in solar inverters or you can purchase them separately if you are planning to buy solar panels and solar batteries without solar inverter.

With these tips, you can ensure optimal efficiency of your solar panels for home. However, you must make sure that you’re always buying solar panels from the trustworthy brands like Luminous. Luminous offers some of the best solar panels for homes at the best prices. Check out their website today to know more.