Floral fountain to Staircase 5 beautiful Wedding Flower Arrangements

The occasion of wedding is one of the memories that last for a lifetime that’s why you can see a huge arrangement of decoration. Nowadays, countless lighting accessories are available in market that enhances the charisma of marriage. One thing that never changes since the ritual of marriage had been started is flowers arrangement. Marriage can be of anybody, any race and any religion, flowers are considered as the primary requirement. The arrangement of natural flowers is very easy to differentiate from artificial lighting and decorations. Their natural look and fragrance are incomparable to anything else. If you are planning a decoration theme of flowers, then this article may help with some interesting ideas.

1. Staircase Decoration

At the venue of wedding where staircase is available, cover the railing completely with garlands of flowers. It is a great idea for grand presentation and everyone’s focus will be on this decoration. The vines with green leaves along with white flowers would be the best choice. Also, spreading petals on both sides of stairs can enhance the look.

2. Hanging Pomanders

If the theme of wedding is based on outside location then nothing can be better than this arrangement. Decorate the nearby trees with pomanders of different colours and lighting system. It is a unique and interesting idea that will be suitable for both day and night marriages. It is advisable that makes the pomanders in different sizes and hangs them in distinct lengths.

3. Flower Backdrop

This is a kind of grand arrangement and also can be the best gift for the wedding of someone special. Flower backdrop is an ideal thing to place behind the stage. Fill a large rectangular stand with green leaves and fix fresh blooming flowers over it. This will be the centre of attraction and create an amazing background for photography. Especially for couple’s photo shoot, flower backdrop can create something unique and grand.

4. Garland Ceiling

Garlands of flowers draped on ceiling can create a magnificent view that no one can ignore. It is suitable for both outside tents and marriage palaces because garlands can be draped anywhere. Arranging light colour flowers on the tables is a good idea to cope with ceiling decoration. It turns the environment full of natural fragrance and colours. At night, a mild light of candles and low watt electric bulbs create a memorable romantic moment.

5. Hanging Flowers

Hang the bunch of flowers after arranging them perfectly in vertical holders. Place them in a pattern of a specific distance. Covering the whole reception place with this arrangement is a great way to imply impression. Make sure that you are using dark colour flowers that must include roses. Place same kinds of flowers on the tables of party so that the theme matches perfectly.

6. Floral Fountain

Fountains are generally present at every location of marriage. It is a beautiful artefact and you can enhance its beauty with the help of some flowers. Hydrangea flowers along with their green branches are the perfect choice for this arrangement. Fix the flowers in round shape as draping downward. When the fountain will pump out the water, it gradually flows over flowers and finally fell in the pool. Make sure that you are attaching the branches perfectly that should not separate when water starts flowing down.

You cannot imagine any wedding without flowers arrangement whether it is at large or small level. Not just for your marriage but you can arrange the flowers for your friends or siblings. It can be a better gift than anything else because things perish after breaking down but sweet memories last forever.

Author’s Bio: Dinesh Rohila is a creative blogger and brand strategist, You can also read his new post about tips on first date.