Why the Quality of the Insert Fan is So important for your Range Hood?

A range hood insert fan is a kitchen exhaust fan fitted in a hood built under the cabinets. Range hood insert fans come in various styles, materials, and sizes depending on the customer’s needs. The devices come with a control funnel, filter, and blower that are usually 28 to 60 inches wide and whose power range is between 600 CFM and 1200 CFM.

Insert fans clean greasy and smoky gasses and are also used to cool the hot air. Since most of the insert fans are fitted in the custom hoods under the cabinets, most range hood insert fans are ducted. But they can still be converted into ductless if necessary.

The typical insert fans may lack enough power for commercial environments and restaurants, but commercial hoods can pull up to 5000 CFM and be more useful at home. This article looks at why the range hood insert fan is essential for your range hood.

Cleans Smoke and Grease Produced When Cooking

The main reason for installing a range hood insert fan is to remove smoke and clean grease produced when cooking. At the same time, the insert fan replaces the hot air from the cooking process with cooler air from the outside, which makes the device helpful in keeping you and your family safer from gasses that may affect your breathing.

A range insert fan prevents dirt and airborne grease accumulation on your walls, appliances, or counters. Indoor air pollution is also quite dangerous to people with asthma and other respiratory symptoms.

Illuminates the Stovetop

The lighting usually found on the lower part of the range hood insert fan is used to light the cooktop, providing additional lighting and enhancing your cooking experience. The lighting also saves you other energy bills you would have otherwise spent to provide lighting to your cooktop. The insert fan is also very useful in minimizing or maximizing the visual impact of your vent hood. You can keep the vent hood hidden from your guests if you wish.

Prevents Buildup of Bacteria

Since the range hood insert fan provides proper air circulation, there are few chances of germs and bacteria building up inside the grease produced by the stove when you are cooking. In addition, the insert fan improves the overall look of your kitchen range hood, its general value, and its look. Your kitchen’s improved look and feel motivate you to try new recipes.


The insert fan is crucial to your range hood because of the many benefits that come with its installation. Such benefits include cleaning the smoke and grease that is produced when you are cooking. If this grease is not removed early, it may stain kitchen appliances, walls, and counters.

Smoke is also a danger to people with respiratory-related illnesses such as asthma. The range hood insert fan also helps illuminate the cooktop, further enhancing your cooking experience. Also, removing smoke and gaseous grease eliminates the possibility of bacteria buildup, which guarantees healthy living.