Things to do in Australia’s Spectacular Hunter Valley

A two-hour-long drive up north of Sydney will open up to one of Australia’s oldest and the most beautiful wine regions in the country called the Hunter Valley. This picturesque feature packs this region with nationally recognized restaurants and over 100 wineries throughout. Many Australians and tourists spend their hunter valley holidays with wine-themed weekends and hiking beautiful trails. Many interesting facts and history surround the hunter valley; one is that the region is known for many award-winning wines in production since the 1800s.

From wine tasting to hot air balloon flights, take a look at some of the best fun activities one can indulge in when they are in hunter valley:

Maitland Art Gallery – The regional gallery housed in a gothic building showcases some of the best works of renowned international and Australian artists. There are installations, sculptures, and photographs exhibited in brightly illuminated spaces with an entire area dedicated to children. Beautiful bronze sculpture works surround the museum with many temporary exhibitions.

Hunter Valley Zoo – Hunter Valley Zoo is a great way to experience the region’s wildlife up close with the family. The park is lively with kangaroos, monkeys, and koalas, along with ring-tailed lemurs and white lions. Families can feed kangaroos, feed birds as they fly around them, and pet koalas, an activity that kids will love.

Hot Air Balloon Rides – What best way to remember a beautiful moment than to soar over the breathtaking valley in a hot air balloon. Anyone who takes a ride can see the beautiful landscapes below filled with lush fields and hills with eucalyptus leaves adorning them. Sunrise is the best time for experiencing such a view and is perfect for an anniversary or a romantic getaway.

Wine Tasting – How best to explore Australia’s oldest wine regions and partake in wine tasting in renowned wineries. The valley has many internationally acclaimed restaurants that offer mouth-watering delicacies.

Hiking – The Barrington National Park offers an extensive network of hiking trails that encompass a temperate rainforest with famous walking tracks covering many scenic spots. Wetlands, subalpine trees, and ferns decorate the landscape with the ground layered with glistening green moss, offering the perfect environment for hiking.

Kayaking – The Wollemi National Park contains gushing rivers and canyons, perfect for kayaking and water sports. Picnic and paddling are the two most common activities, with tourists taking guided tours to learn about the park’s aboriginal heritage. Untouched bushland and wildlife drape the banks of the rivers with eye-catching rock formations lining them. During its peak season, tourists can also rent kayaks for self activities through the wilderness. The park is about a hundred kilometers away from Newcastle.

Newcastle – For the people that need a change of pace from wildlife and rainforest environments, take a tour of one of the busiest ports in Australia. The city of Newcastle offers many vibrant restaurants and shops and a great view of the ocean. In addition, the area is known for the famous Bathers Way, where tourists partake in strolls.

People looking to enjoy hunter valley holidays can also take part in tours of the gardens in the heart of the valley regions. In addition, luxury spas and wellness resorts offer a time to unwind from a busy day of touring and hiking. And if that’s not enough, the valley is also laden with many golf courses, many of which offer golf lessons along with accommodation for the avid learners.

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