Enbee Digital Blood Pressure Monitor you Can use at Home

A blood pressure (BP) monitor is a life saver if you have heart-related issues. Uncomplicated procedure to check your BP allows you to keep a constant check on your diet and see your physician and take medicines accordingly.

While the mercury-based BP machine required a little bit of calculation, modern-day machines have simplified it further; all you have to do is wrap the cuff correctly and the digital screen will give you the numbers. It may be a little unnerving to have to track your BP at home regularly. However, it is a must especially if you’re diagnosed with hypertension or have borderline high blood pressure. You can obtain the following BP monitors online at Smart Medical Buyer, one of India’s largest medical equipment suppliers:

Enbee Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

The Enbee BP monitor is one of the latest digital machines that provides accurate measurements and a quick read. The arm-type digital blood pressure monitor is fairly priced and is something you should consider buying if you suffer from a heart-disease and your doctor has advised you to keep a regular check. The automatic type BP monitor gives you the freedom from pumping tubes and keeping time.

Diamond Mercurial Type BP Monitor

If you’re looking for a trusted brand and mercurial type BP machine, the Diamond monitor is the one you ought to buy. It is much more durable as compared to digital monitors and doesn’t warrant periodic adjustments. This is the type you might have commonly seen at clinics in the recent past. It is equipped with a high-quality cuff for a good grip and therefore, a precise read. The cuff is suitable for most arm circumferences. The competitive pricing makes it a popular equipment amongst students of the medical field.

Niscomed Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor

With a square aneroid scale and contrasting colors for ease in readability, the Niscomed BP monitor provides a range of 0-300 mm of HG for measurement. The manual inflation and release outlet is easy to handle and it allows self-calibration. The best feature of this BP monitor is its unconventional design and it requires almost no maintenance except for due care while handling. You can order it in a wall or table variant depending on your need; the latter would be more convenient for domestic use.

Diamond Dial Type

This is one of most economical BP monitors you can buy for domestic use. It can measure 20-300 mm of HG scale with 2mm HG resolution. The casing is wrought from a high-grade alloy between aluminum and zinc which ensures long life. Its sector mechanism and bellows are designed to provide maximum repeat ability. Moreover, it doesn’t corrode as the metal parts are treated with nickel and chromium plating. It comes with a soft carrying case and is suitable for both medical professionals and individuals. Get it at the medical store online.

BPL 120/80 B1 Blood Pressure Monitor – Arm Types

If you’re looking for a convenient machine to check your BP a few times a day, this should be your pick. This is an automatic machine that doesn’t require you handle tubes and pumps. Just place it on your arm following the instructions and it will measure your BP accurately and display it on the LCD screen. It alerts the user if the BP is up or down by 25 % which can be set according to your need as well. It can store readings up to 120 times in 4 groups and it allows you to calculate the average of the last 3-4 readings. Place an order now.

A BP monitor is a must for anyone affected by cardiac issues. Health comes first and you ought not compromise on it by buying substandard equipment. You may choose from a variety of BP monitors to suit your specific needs at Smart Medical Buyer.