How to Design Human Health lighting for your House?

First of all, what lighting methods can be used to create which effect? According to different design techniques. As shown in the figure below, there are several types of lighting methods. What are the requirements for lighting in different spaces?


What do we usually do at the entrance? Change shoes, pick up keys and put down your bags temporarily. In general, the space area of the porch is small, and it is enough to put a chandelier to ceiling, but the human body will block the focus light and the shadow of the porch cabinet will block the sight. As a result, changing shoes and holding keys are inconvenient. In addition to the need for a ceiling light source, a small wardrobe light is assisted in the storage cabinet. The hanging part of the porch cabinet can be supplemented with lights.

Living room

The living room is suitable for installing white light or yellow light with wide lighting range and good energy saving effect. What activities do we analyze in the living room? The most common is watching TV on the sofa with family. In the lighting design of the TV area, avoid strong light to illuminate the TV. Low-indirect lighting is needed to alleviate the contrast between the TV screen and the surrounding environment when watching TV at night and reduce visual fatigue. You can use the soft reflector tube light as the background lighting. You can install a built-in light strip or a floor lamp on the TV background wall. Direct light from the top of the sofa is not recommended. People sitting on the sofa for a long time will be uncomfortable and dizzy. The height of the living room is greater than 3m. You can choose a chandelier. It is recommended to choose a ceiling lamp for lower floors. The light source is 2.3m from the ground, and the lighting effect is the best.

Dining room

Dining room can be equipped with warm yellow light bulbs such as LED, halogen, or energy-saving bulbs (Lohasled e12 bulb). What activities the restaurant needs to meet, you need to see the tabletop meals and people who eat, and you need the color of the lights to make the meals more appetizing. Generally, the distance between the chandeliers and the dining table is 70-80cm. If it is too high, it will be monotonous, if too low, it will feel oppressive.


The bedroom is mainly for sleeping, and the lighting environment can create a quiet atmosphere. Diffuse lighting can be used to create an atmosphere. Considering that many people have the habit of reading books at the bedside, you can consider using a light strip or a wall lamp on the background wall of the bedside. You can use a bedside lamp that is easy to turn on at night to avoid the sudden discomfort of turning on the lamp at night. If the light is too bright, people will feel extremely uncomfortable when they wake up at night.


Above the desk you can choose directional adjustable angle lamps. It is better to choose incandescent lamp for the table lamp, and the specification is about 60w. The optimal position of the desk lamp is to let the light enter from directly above or to the left of the desk. Do not place it on the wall to avoid reflection and dizziness. The lighting of the bookcase can choose spotlights fixed above the cabinet or on the ceiling to facilitate access to the contents of the cabinet. The light source is also suitable to choose white light that is not easy to produce drowsiness. The bookcase light can also create interesting effects by changing the light.


Most kitchens have ceilings, and it is best to use ceiling lamps. In addition to installing a ceiling light above the kitchen, lighting equipment should be added to the operating table to avoid the body blocking the main light line and insufficient light when cutting vegetables. The lighting should be installed as far away from the stove as possible to avoid steam and oil smoke. The shape of the lamp should be as simple as possible to facilitate wiping. Operating area lighting, kitchen hoods are usually equipped with 25-40w lights. The kitchen is equipped with many cabinets above the operating table for cutting and preparing vegetables. Local lighting can be installed under the cabinet to increase the brightness of the operating table. The lighting of the sink area is usually set in front of the window, so there is no problem in daytime lighting. However, if the lighting of the sink area at night can only rely on the main light source, the main light source is usually in the middle of the kitchen. If a person just blocks the light in front of the sink, an anti-fog spotlight can be installed on the sink.


Women use face lights in front of mirrors for makeup and makeup, because the lights on the ceiling can cause shadows on people’s faces. Use a mirror front lamp, a mirror / mirror cabinet with a lamp, and a front light, which will illuminate the face much better. You can also install wall lamps on both sides of the mirror. As long as there is a little light in the shower area to see the shower gel and shampoo, it is recommended to choose a small color temperature, a downlight of about 2700K, and a small wattage. But some families do not take a shower but take a bath. If a spotlight / downlight is installed on the top, the direct light will just find people’s eyes, and the body and mind will not be relaxed under the feeling of this light for a long time. Bathing is easy to faint, and the lamps should be treated with anti-dazzle and anti-fog, or it will be easier to faint. The toilet area generally does not require additional lighting, and a little light diffusely reflected by the lights in the wash area is sufficient. Some people like to watch mobile phones when they go to the toilet. You can add a small spotlight above the toilet area, not too bright and too high color temperature.