Vigorish or The Booker are UK Gambling Sites Profitable

Have you ever wondered how online gambling sites or casinos make money? Often people might think that if players lose the casinos obviously make money, but they might be wondering, what happens when players win, do casinos lose then?

In many ways gambling can be profitable, as casinos always profit from games or bets in different ways. After all casinos are businesses too, and they exist to make a profit, not just to give money away to people. The gambling business has only been increasing in popularity within the last years as now people have the option of playing online as well; therefore the venues and the platforms for gambling have only increased.

In order to understand how UK betting sites not on gamstop make money there are a couple of things you should know.


The vigorish is basically the name given to the commission collected by the online sites on every placed bet. In order for people to place a bet, the house, or the casino always takes a small commission from the gamble in order to protect themselves against losses and also to get a profit. The UK Gambling Sites used to be valued at $45.8 billion in the year of 2017, and now it has been growing rapidly to the point where people foresee that the market will be valued at $94 billion in 2024.

The Booker

Every site needs a booker in order to keep the money in order. Balanced books are the best way to shift a betting deal, this means that it is the way that the casino protects themselves against a strong bet. Having a booker is extremely important in order to calculate the risks and assess the actions that need to proceed in order for the site to end up making money.

Understand your players

There are always two types of players in every gambling game, the ones that play for entertainment purposes and those who are known as “casual bettors”, given the lack of seriousness in their game. And the second one, the sharp and strong player, who tends to be more professional and already knows the game; the strong players bet big and they also happen to win big. This is why online sites have wagering limits, in order to protect themselves against sharp players, and to minimize the losses that they might have. This is the reason why a casino will adjust their odds, to not favor the strong bets from the sharp players, and to reduce the amount of money that can be lost in a game.

If you’re interested in these tips, you can read more here and take a closer approach in understanding how UK gambling sites make their money. They are a business after all, and not because players win means that the casino business isn’t profitable. In effect, having people winning and losing is already calculated by the site itself, regardless if people win in their games, the casinos are protected by their wages and the comissions collected.