7 Matters needing attention in Bathroom Decoration

Although the Bathroom Decoration does not need to spend money and energy like the living room and bedroom, and it does not need to be too magnificent, it must be designed reasonably. Generally, the space of the bathroom is limited, so we have to arrange all the sanitary ware, sanitary ware, and household appliances that need to be placed in the bathroom in a limited space. Also pay attention to many details: material selection, layout, upper and lower water pipes, circuits, waterproofing, leakage, humidity, and so on.


There are upper and lower water pipes for the pipes. Two types of hot and cold water pipes should be considered, as well as the problem of underwater water on electrical appliances such as solar energy and washing machines. Don’t wait for the decoration to find that there is no water in the washing machine; if Your original bathroom separates dry and wet. You should also consider whether to reserve a faucet in the bathroom. You can leave a faucet for washing mop and cleaning. Don’t be too troublesome. It can be done at one time. It is very convenient to use in life.


The circuit mainly considers the reserved wiring ports for lighting, water heaters, washing machines and other electrical appliances. It is best not to connect the sockets in the bathroom. It is necessary to consider the layout in advance and save the wiring sockets, because the bathroom environment is humid and the sockets are in a humid environment for a long time It must be easy to leak electricity and lead to the tragedy of electric shock. Even if the plug is used occasionally, the toilet will inevitably be splashed. If it splashes, there is a chance of electricity leakage. Therefore, we must prevent the occurrence of tragedies. The lines are all wall-cutting, so you must design well before laying wall tiles or floor tiles. It is best to install a leakage protector in the bathroom.

Floor tiles for Bathroom Decoration

If you don’t like the bathroom floor tiles that come with your house, you must completely smash them off. Don’t smash a part and leave a part after signing. This is not only aesthetically unmatched, but the most important thing is that it is not integrated. Will seep water. In this way, the neighbors downstairs must run to your house every three days, so as to save a few money, soak the walls of other people’s walls. If you replace the new floor tiles, you must smash the floor tiles and clean the ground thoroughly, and then re-level it.

Don’t make the living room and bedroom upside down because of small mistakes, or you may have to do a second rework. The next thing to do after leveling the ground is waterproofing, which is very important. Do not cover the floor tiles with small mosaics, which are too dirty. If the bathroom of the bathroom is open, there will be bath foam, hair strands, dust and other dirty things on the floor tiles of the house. It is difficult to clean up, and the dirty things are damp. The environment will exacerbate the growth of bacteria. Try to lay small non-slip floor tiles, such as 40*40 size. Since the wall tiles are replaced, they should be more beautiful. Otherwise, what is the meaning of the replacement. In addition, the color of the wall tiles and floor tiles should be matched.


Generally, there are aluminum gusset ceilings on the market. For household use, aluminum gussets have a longer lifespan than PVC, and the aluminum gussets are of good quality, the layout is many shapes, and the price is not very expensive. In fact, you don’t need to listen to the merchants The problem is not to step on the bottom of your feet, what to do so thickly. Moreover, the aluminum buckle ceiling is very simple. You can buckle the dragon frame directly after measuring the size. If the roof leaks, you can buckle it down to check whether the thickness is installed on your own. The operation is simple. PVC is generally integrated. If you want to deal with the roof If there is water leakage, a hole must be cut, which will affect the appearance.


After the basic operation is completed, it is necessary to install the bathroom, such as toilet, sink, integral bathroom, etc. When the original toilet is handed over, there is usually a toilet and sink, but it may not be of good quality, or it may follow the home decoration style. Does not match. Most families choose to replace them. Since they are replaced, they should be replaced. The sink is a complete one. A sink with a small kitchen underneath the vanity mirror is not only beautiful, but also saves space. The back of the vanity mirror is 20 cm wide. In the small cabinet, you can put some skin care products, and the small cabinet under the countertop can put some sanitary products. The countertop is best to choose the one that is embedded in the cabinet, which is beautiful and not easy to bump. Do not choose floor-to-ceiling cabinets, so that it is convenient to deal with problems such as pipe blockage and water leakage. Buy Bathroom accessories and more Amazon Discount Code UK.

Electrical appliances for Bathroom Decoration

water heaters or solar energy, washing machines, hand dryers, bath heaters, ventilators and other electrical appliances should be used together. The washing machine should not be too close to the bathing place. The washing machine is splashed by water and the swimsuit may rust or leak electricity. The hand dryer should be installed in the hand washing. Next to the pool, easy to use. It is recommended that solar energy should be selected if the community allows the installation of the sun, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Yuba and ventilating fans can be directly considered when installing the ceiling. If you want to purchase it yourself and let him reserve a good mouth, you can also let the ceiling be installed in one step. Buy Washing Machine and don’t miss best Amazon nhs discount codes, vouchers, and Currys promo codes from NHS Discount Code.

Wall cabinets

If the bathroom space permits, it is best to make two small cabinets for storage, because all ages at home have a pile of basins, washbasins, footbaths, laundry basins, and children’s bath basins, let alone messy. Something is out, the closet in the bedroom must be used to put clothes and quilts, shoes are stuffed under the bed, where to put some messy things? All you have to do is to make reasonable use of the space by yourself. It is very messy and unsightly outside. It’s more comfortable to pack it in the cabinet.

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