Effective MMA betting Strategies for Avid Combat Sports Gamblers

The ongoing rise of mixed martial arts (MMA) as a combat sport has been one of the best gifts that avid combat sports gamblers have ever received. The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and other major MMA promotions all over the world hold events more frequently than boxing and other combat sports. This is why a lot of gamblers flock to place wagers on MMA fights because they have more fight cards to bet on.

The number of fight cards that are held annually gives bettors the opportunity to be discerning enough to bet on the cards that hold the most value. This is fairly important because MMA is highly volatile. Upsets can happen even in a perfectly handicapped fight, so there really is no system that can help gamblers accurately predict wagers.

Although that is the case, there are still ways that can help to win bets in MMA fights. If you’re a fan and you want to try betting on your favorite fighters, this article compiled effective MMA betting strategies for avid combat sports gamblers that you can use as a guide.

Monitor weigh-ins

Pay close attention to weigh-ins that usually happen a day before every event. This is an essential factor that can affect a fighter’s performance. There’s been a lot of fighters, not only in the history of MMA, but in all of combat sports, that have failed to make weight. Making the required weight of their weight division is important because it changes the odds of a fighter winning or losing the fight. Their weight difference can also be an advantage or disadvantage to either side, both physically and psychologically.

Ring or cage?

The premiere MMA promotion in the world UFC hosts their fights inside an octagon-shaped cage. Like the UFC, which can be found on most top online casino sportsbooks like the PNXBET sportsbook, most MMA promotions use a cage to hold their fights in. But not all promotions use a cage, others also a standard square ring.

It’s important that you know the environment that the fighters will be squaring-off in, because either a ring or cage can be advantageous to their style of fighting. The cage usually benefits the grapplers because of the wider corners, while the ring may benefit the strikers because it’s easier for them to walk down and trap an opponent.

Styles make fights

If you’re an avid fan, then you’ve heard the saying that “styles make fights.” The word “mixed” in MMA is there for a reason. Fighters in this sport are versed in more than one discipline of martial arts.

You’ll experience seeing match-ups that are mixed. Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter against a wrestler or a kickboxer going up against a karateka. It’s important to know the fighting style of the fighters so you’ll know which one has the skill set to win their fight and win your wager.

Consider stance, pace, and reach

These three are the most vital aspects of a fighter. By looking at all three of these aspects, you’ll be able to tell their advantages and which fighters are in a mismatch. For instance, a southpaw tends to have an advantage when competing against orthodox fighters.


Being observant is key when betting on MMA fights. You have to look at things such as the fighters’ weight, the combat environment, fighting styles and their stance, pace , and reach to make good decisions in betting. Take every one of these tips to form your strategy and win your wagers.

Author’s BioLuther Abrams is an online game and sports enthusiast who spent his younger years playing and watching basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, and badminton games, among the many others. Today, as an early retiree, he continues to write about his love and passion for sports. On most days, he also loves to play ball with his two kids.