Fate Anime Review – A Simple Love Story with Amazing twists Ending

The most awaited anime series of the year, Fate/ exorcist has been receiving a lot of attention from anime fans across the globe. Fans have been glued to this show, eagerly waiting for the episode release every week. Well, I’m here to tell you that if you’re also a fan of anime, chances are you’ve been watching this show since its beginning. Why has it become so popular? Well, here are some of the reasons:

It’s a Unique Design. If you’re looking for a show that’s far different from the others, you need to look no further than Fate/EXO. Unlike many other anime series, the Fate/EXO series takes the story in a completely different direction. Fans of Fate series will absolutely love this series, as it takes us back in time to the beginning of the series where things were different. Undoubtedly, this is the best way to experience an anime series.

It’s Premature End. Unlike most other Fate/Apollo anime adaptations, the Fate/EXO series wrapped up very early, which many viewers found thrilling. The last episode of the series contained some shocking revelations, which many fans found very upsetting and unbelievable. This left many fans anxiously awaiting the second fate anime season, which finally came out recently.

It’s Anime. Fate/Apollo is the anime of the same name, which translates to “Fate/Excaliburrian”. It’s very different from other Fate series and is considered by many to be the best anime out there. If you loved the original Fate series, then you’ll love this version too.

It’s Anime Without a Frame. Unlike most other Fate series, the animation used in the Fate/Apollo anime is not full-on. It’s clear that studio Gonzo didn’t have the budget to make a full-on animation for this project, but they still made a pretty good job with what they had.

It’s Silly Cute Models. Unlike the cute models, you see in other Fate/Stay Night anime series, the ones in the Fate/Ace series are far more stylish. There aren’t any over-the-top animations used in order to sell tickets, so you can actually enjoy this one anime without worrying about how cute the characters are.

It’s VNs With Visual Novel elements. Ace Attorney does the same thing, but instead of using a board and pencil, it uses VPNs. While it’s obvious that this version isn’t going to become a smash hit like the original Fate/Stay Night, it does have its own unique place in the visual novel world. You can play VNs as you would in a visual novel, with you playing the role of an attorney. If you like those types of games, then this is the show for you.

It’s Good Acting and Music. This one goes without saying, but the acting in this anime is on another level compared to most Fate series. The acting alone is worth watching, but if you haven’t watched the anime yet, I highly recommend you do. It has some of the best music to be found on TV today.

It’s Chronological Order. Well, to be honest, it doesn’t have much to do with the chronology of the anime series, but it is definitely a good watch overall. There are moments you may feel that it goes out of its way to remind you that it’s an anime series. I especially appreciated the use of flashbacks and foreshadowing. For a change, the animation does a great job of giving us a look into how fate works at any point in the story, and it makes for a very entertaining watch!

It’s a Spin-Off. Ace Attorney: In The Beginning was designed to be a spiritual sequel to the anime series. However, producer Studio Deen decided to spin off the franchise into an animated series of the same name. While I personally am not a huge fan of spin-offs, this one was fun to watch, especially the end of the series. The animation looked pretty good, especially the opening and closing credits.

It has the Three anime staples. It is a brilliant comedy, a love story, and a little mystery for the sake of mystery. It is also the perfect series to start if you want to see what exactly is out there waiting for you with regard to watching three anime series in a row. It’s the perfect beginning if you just want to jump right into the main storyline without having to worry about anything else. Plus, it’s a very quick watch, a typical hour-long anime.

It is a Visual Novel. If you thought that was all the anime had going for it, then you obviously didn’t watch Fate: Concrete Love. If you read my other review, I explained what I meant by that. In Concrete Love, you choose your own path through the story, and you get to help decide the fate of the main protagonist, Rin Tainaka. Yes, it is a visual novel, but it isn’t a pure visual novel. It has more of an adventure game, combined with a bit of mystery and a few slices of life moments.