4 Advantages of Selecting a VRF System for your Office

If you own a commercial facility, you must guarantee that all of the components are kept in good working order at all times. The standard HVAC system in your building is one system that you must maintain. There are numerous strategies to cut energy use while maintaining the same level of efficiency. The most surprising functionality of a VRF Systems is at the same time it can keep one part of the room heat and other part cool. VRF outdoor unit comes with 2 types of Compressor Twin Rotary Compressor or Scroll Compressor. This outdoor Compressor unit connects multiple indoor fan coil units. Each indoor fan coil unit has its own metering device. Installing a VRF (Variable refrigerant flow) HVAC system is one excellent approach to accomplish this. During installation phase these systems don’t need much equipment like distribution fans or water pipes. Usage of refrigerants in VRF Systems makes it more eco-friendly than other types of air-conditioning.

You should be aware that a VRF system is a type of HVAC system that uses refrigerant for cooling. Various types of VRF System available in the market. Unit wise 3 types are:

  • Single Variable Speed Compressor
  • Variable Speed Compressor Plus FixedSpeed Compressor
  • Multiple Variable Speed Compressors.

Unlike mini-split units, the refrigerant in this system is conditioned by a single exterior condensing unit and distributed throughout the structure without the use of ductwork. If you are still not convinced, you will discover that the system has numerous advantages.

Below will list the benefits of this system and why everyone should opt for this technology.

Comfortable Atmosphere

The one major benefit of this system is that it has a compressor unit that can determine each area’s needs and give the exact quantity of refrigerant required for each air handling equipment. It implies that everyone in the building gets the same amount of cooling, which is something that most people prefer.

The VRFs precision is that it prevents hot and cold regions as well as humidity issues. Building occupants would not have to ask maintenance to lower the temperature on a regular basis. Employee productivity should rise if you can give an office building that can keep a consistent temperature all of the time.

Almost no Noise Issue

There’s nothing better than a commercial building with a silent running cooling and heating system. VRF systems can provide that because of its condensing unit installed outside of the infrastructure or in a mechanical hall/room. The air handlers are usually smaller and quieter than the usual huge central units with massive ductwork.

The quiet environment will help increase the employees’ productivity and improve the overall functioning of the workforce. Compare to an AC VRF Systems generates low noise.


Some HVAC systems consume a significant amount of your energy costs, which is never a good sign. If you want to make your commercial building more energy-efficient, that is a good enough reason to invest in VRF systems. The more energy expenses you can cut, the more money you’ll save to spend on other building essentials.

This system is designed to run at various rates, giving just the right amount of refrigerant to cool an area in its current state. This allows the system to function at a lower energy level and, more frequently, consume less energy. Your business can save a lot of money from (fewer electricity bills) and invest all that money in employees’ and the company’s development.

Easy Installation

Because of its versatility and simplicity, installing a new VRF system will be simple if you still have an antiquated HVAC system. It ensures that technicians and maintenance people However, if perform repairs and maintenance without difficulty by not making service shafts or maintenance rooms too tight. Its operation no longer necessitates the use of large pipes, distribution fans, or water pumps. Because the system doesn’t take up a lot of space, you’ll have more room to do whatever you want with it. Super Space-saving designs made this system popular among buyers. Top listed VRF System manufactures are Daikin, Panasonic, Fujitsu (Fujitsu General), Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba, Sanyo, LG, Samsung, Blue Star Limited and Voltas. After purchasing a new VRF System these companies provides free installation facility.

Now that you’ve learned about the various advantages of VRF systems don’t wait to install one in your commercial building. Once it is up and functioning, you can expect more favourable feedback from the employees/tenants. Some of the most common places where we use VRF System are Apartment buildings, Large retail spaces, Office structures, Assisted living, Condominium complexes, Universities, Data centers, Manufacturing plants, Hospitals, Restaurants and Lab facilities.

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