Compare Cell phones Features before Buying a Phone

Do you know that the number of mobile phones in use will exceed the world population very soon and has been the case already, for some countries like Brazil and Russia. This is largely because one person can use multiple phones depending on the usage required by him/her. New models, with ever increasing features, are being launched just as we talk about it. Do we really consider our need of the mobile phone in terms of its features, ways of usage, ease of carrying, cost-effectiveness, estimated durability or just go with the trend and buy one? It is advisable to Compare Cell phones Features before Buying a Phone.

You are judged by the phone you carry!. Before buying a mobile, ask some questions.

What kind of mobile phone do I need?

If the phone is intended to be used exclusively for making and receiving calls then one can select a simple phone without any smart features. If you use any social media sites for connecting with people in addition to talk, then there are several models in the market which allow this type of usage in a reasonable cost. People who use their phones to surf the internet, watch movies on-line, keep a track of things they do, video calling …….and much more, really have to look for a phone which suffices their present requirements and promises to fulfill some more in the near future. They have a huge number of options to choose from various models, costs and features.

Do I intend to use the mobile for entertainment?

People who intend to use the mobile phone as an entertainment channel should go in for those models which have sufficient memory capacity and a complimentary processor. As it is said, present generation is blessed with a variety of free applications, web-based or otherwise for entertainment. It is imperative to check with the salesperson, the total memory capacity which can be extended for the device.

Do I want to use the mobile as a camera at majority of occasions?

In this type of usage it is very important to check the specifications of the camera that the smart phone offers. Currently, there are models which offer cameras with various resolutions and lenses. Buyer should make oneself aware of pluses and minuses of various models incorporating cameras apart from a detailed look at the camera itself.

Do I enjoy using innovative features in any gadget?

There are hoards of new features added with every new model that steps in the market. For example, there are phones to track calories burned during a walk or a run.

Do I want to use my phone for business related functions?

Nowadays, many people prefer using their smart phones or tablets to complete their business functions where ever they can. There are a variety of devices offering features like facilitating reading and writing documents with the help of standard tools or new user friendly tools. There are other business related activities like making presentations, analyzing reports etc. which can be done through phones.

Do I need to buy insurance for the mobile?

If you want to use your mobile for most of the above mentioned chores, you have many options to choose from, at this point of time and many more in the future. They come in many sizes and varieties with varying costs depending upon the manufacturers. If you select a very sophisticated and expensive model with many usable features, then it is safe to buy insurance for the same. Most of the companies offer around 1 year warranty for technical glitches, which is not sufficient, since most of the faults start occurring just after that. By paying some annual fee, the smart phone can be insured for theft, destruction or loss.

Is it easy to carry and good to look at?

Sometimes, smart phones may not be smart enough to look at. Then, there are certain models which are not conveniently sized, hence difficult to carry. There are some others which are on the heavier side, making it uncomfortable to use and carry.

Would I get better deals on-line or at the local store?

The answer to this question is ‘thorough research’. There are various sites that promote certain brand and one might get a good deal if searched for. Also there are brand or model promotion events at local stores too, so watch out! It is a known fact, that a model that suffices your usage might have successor in the pipeline, making it less expensive if purchased after some days.

So, before taking a step towards the mobile store do consider all of the above. Because in this age, what compliments your personality more, than the phone that you use?